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    SweFjorod WANTED $10

    Well, my name is Patric Andersson and I’m currently 45 years of age and I’m from Sweden, by the end of November this year I’m going to move to Thailand to start a new page in my life. Beforehand I want to appologice for bad gramma and spelling error I will have in this post.

    20+ years ago I had a serious gambling problem, I got into some bad economics troubble that 20+ years later still affect me.

    I confessed to myself and my GF back then that I had a gambling addiction, and back in those days there was basicly no help to get, when I sought help the answer I got was “Gambling problems, it’s just to quit isn’t it?”. Luckily that’s not the problem today, today there is plently of help to get.

    However I found GA (gamblers annonymous) and attended their meetings and talked and shared with other people that had the same problems I had. Still, it took me allmost a year after I first admitted that I had a gambling problem until I managed to stop gambling, and then I didn’t gamble anything for over 10 years, however 10 years ago I found Texas Hold’em and to me Texas Hold’em isn’t gambling, it’s pure math and psycology, the ability to read people and affect peoples decitions combined with math.

    I started to play just a little of texas and found it fun, I played a tournament like once every 2 or 3 month or so, I loved the social aspect and the fun of the game.

    Today I do gamble a little on other stuff as well, I play on slots from time to time and I play abit of Black Jack and Roulette, but I don’t have any problems with it anymore.

    Now we come to a topic that I feel for alot,

    *Am I a gambler addict today?

    Yes, I will allways be a gambler addict.

    *Do I have a gambling addiction?

    No, not anymore.

    *Do I have any problem with gambling today?

    No, I don’t, the gambling I do today is purly from my poker winnings, I don’t let my gambling affect my economy negative in any way.

    *Wait a minute, you said you where a gambler addict but you’re not addicted to gambling????

    That is correct, me saying that I’m a gambling addict is that I confessed for myself and anyone that wanted to hear my story that I’m a gambling addict, to me the word “gambling addict” is something possitive, it ment that I finally confessed to myself that I had a gambling problem and a gambling addiction and it helped me beat my bad habbits.

    When people hear gambling addict or addict in general they see it as a bad thing, but to me it isn’t, if you have confessed that you are a addict, that is your first step to beat your addiction. Without confessing that you have a problem then you can never solve the problem and from experience, the best way to solve the problem is to talk about it, to anyone and everyone, the more you talk about it the better it will be for yourself.

    Talking about your problems with others and geting their input will help you solve the problem, and that doesn’t just go with addictions, that’s with most problems in life, if you have a problem, talking to someone else about it will help you get more insigt into the problem and closer to solving it.

    *Is there any risk that I fall into a gambling problem again?

    There is allways a risk, even tho for me it’s minimal, I’ve been at rock bottom, I know how it is to be there and that’s not a place I want to visit EVER again, but of course, there is allways a risk, there is allso a risk that when I leave my apartment tomorrow a toilet from plane that had a problem mid air and fell through the floor would land on top of my head and kill me, the risk of that happening isn’t very likely but it could still happend.

    *How long did it take me to get rid of my gambling problems?

    Well, from the first time I confessed that I had a problem it took me allmost a year until I was able to break the habit, then I didn’t gamble for over 10 years, today I gamble, but it’s not much of it and it doesn’t affect me, not economical or mental, so today 20+ years later I can say that I’m cured, but how long it took I can’t say for sure, it was all about geting into the right mindset that gambling had done more harm than good in my life, understanding that gambling would never make my life easier, if I would have won a huge jackpot back then it wouldn’t had mattered, I would have lost the money back anyway, if I would win a huge jackpot today (not going to happend, but IF) then it still wouldn’t affect me, I wouldn’t start to gamble more, I would be happy with the money and spend it on something nice instead.


    Oh well, I think this post is long enough now, like I said in the beginning, I’m moving to thailand in 14 days now to start a new chapter in my life, I’m happy today, I do enjoy life today, I don’t strive or try to chase that big hit anymore because it’s not going to happend, I found my jackpot in my GF that I have in Thailand.

    If anyone wants to talk about anything, feel free to write me a PM here, if you want to talk without typing we can set up a Discord channel or something, take care of each other and have a wonderfull day 🙂

    /Patric “SweFjorod” Andersson

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Hi Patric and welcome to the forum – thanks for the great post, best of luck in the next chapter moving to Thailand!

    SweFjorod WANTED $10

    The Bandit wrote:

    Hi Patric and welcome to the forum – thanks for the great post, best of luck in the next chapter moving to Thailand!

    Thanks mate, I registrated on this site along time ago, I just haven’t posted, thought it was time to do it to celebrate that you’re back on YouTube 🙂

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    Welcome to the forum bud 🙂

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