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    Hibslass WANTED $1


    First time poster and a bit nervous posting so bare with me

    I have a balance I’m trying to withdraw with of 7000 from a 200 deposit. Unfortunately my bank card is in my maiden name and I have tried to send support my wedding license to show this but the emails are bouncing back as their in box is full.  I have emailed Jumpman Gaming their patent company who have sent me a reply saying to deal with supprit and now no longer reply to any of my emails.

    I have raised a case via resolver which they have also ignored.  I’m basically stuck here as cannot get in touch with them , they reject all my ID online and won’t come back to me.

    Does anyone have any advise that would help me please. I know now from looking on trust pilot that I’m not the first but this isn’t a small amount of money to me.

    Any help would be massively appreciated



    Smokingbeagle WANTED $55

    Hi Lisa

    you maybe in a sticky situation with this one unless you have been married recently .

    they can turn around and say that the card does not match your name however .
    Is it just the card that’s in your maiden name what about the rest of your id passport etc

    keep at them you are the person that you say you are . if not send them your old ID

    Hibslass WANTED $1

    Thanks smokingbeagle but this is where my problem lies. I can’t send them the ID as their email in box isn’t accepting emails.  Every time I email them I get it bounced back telling me their in box is full.  I’ve contacted a solicitor who wants to charge me 700 to send some emails on my behalf which obviously I am recultant to do so their email will just bounce as well.   It’s not the problem my card is in my maiden name it’s not being able to provide the proof that is the issue unfortunately

    The devil WANTED $76

    Sorry but I think your snookered with this one, first problem is I’ve never heard of the company most on here probably haven’t either and when that occurs they will be a very dodgy site and second especially seen as though it’s probably a dodgy casino that whole name change thing will be their excuse to either not pay you at all or you will get your £200 deposit back at best, even on a few reputable sites I’ve had deposits returned instead of my actual balance, the worst I’ve had was rizk casino fairly decent site and I was in the middle of a bonus hunt had 14 bonuses ranging from 40p-80p and still had around 150 in my balance from an £80 deposit played blackjack first and got up to £400 so decided to do a bonus hunt and then was gonna cash and whatever I got back in the end they had an issue verifying my bank account for whatever reason and instead of trying to sort it they returned my £80 pound and closed my account so never got to see the bonuses or nothing so sorry to say but there’s a slim chance of you getting your 7k unfortunately

    Hibslass WANTED $1

    Thanks the devil.  I haven’t ever had this issue with any other casino but I just think unfortunately this is a very dodgy site. Definitely just hope to warn others not to use them.  Sorry to hear about your situation also.  Least it has now sickened me off depositing online again so I guess that is a good thing

    Jimbo183 WANTED $29

    Has anyone ever had any problems with casino planet I made a withdrawal 4 weeks ago and still haven’t recieved my withdrawal? They send generic emails saying 72 hours to be looked at but that’s all

    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    I don’t know why people are being so negative

    It’s your money, you did nothing wrong, you are entitled to every single penny

    Go and complain to UKGC:

    Jumpman are a large company with dozens if not 100 + casino skins. That you can’t contact them to due full inbox has to be a violation of a licensing condition

    The casino is definitely NOT allowed to deny your withdrawal by asking for KYC, AML, etc when you go to withdraw if they could have reasonably done this at another time – e.g. when signing up or when depositing. If you compare to other UK casinos like Videoslots they will make you complete KYC before depositing, as they should be doing. Sounds to me like this casino accepted your deposit and play but then asked for KYC only when you went to withdraw. That is blatantly illegal and you can view the regulations here:


    Where a gambling business delays a request to withdraw funds due to insufficient ID, they may be in breach of Licence Condition 17 – Customer identity verification and may be subject to regulatory action.

    1. Licensees must obtain and verify information in order to establish the identity of a customer before that customer is permitted to gamble. Information must include, but is not restricted to, the customer’s name, address and date of birth.
    2. A request made by a customer to withdraw funds from their account must not result in a requirement for additional information to be supplied as a condition of withdrawal if the licensee could have reasonably requested that information earlier. This requirement does not prevent a licensee from seeking information on the customer which they must obtain at that time due to any other legal obligation.
    3. Before permitting a customer to deposit funds, licensees should inform customers what types of identity documents or other information the licensee may need the customer to provide, the circumstances in which such information might be required, and the form and manner in which such information should be provided.
    4. Licensees must take reasonable steps to ensure that the information they hold on a customer’s identity remains accurate.


    Arm yourself with this info and then go and get your money!!

    The UKGC will sort it out but if in Scotland or England I’m pretty sure a no-win, no-fee solicitor would take your case. The casino is in the wrong and has no legal grounds to deny your withdrawal. Those are the facts and that is the law. I get really irritated when I read anything contrary, makes me think some posters actually work for the casinos and get paid a commission

    Hibslass WANTED $1

    Thanks im in Scotland so the no win no fee might work.

    I will take a look at what you have done and try again.  I’m definitely not writing it off or letting it go

    Many thanks to everyone who has offered kind words.  Just never had this happen before.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    Same thing happened to the wife , sent copy off marriage certificate, and got paid . But it was only 200 pound , it was cos her PayPal account was still under her old name .

    Hibslass WANTED $1

    Thanks to the info from Mask Wearer I have now had a reply after sending quotes from your post regarding the gambling commission.  I still haven’t had my withdrawl but at least I’ve got one reply now.

    Jumpsy74 WANTED $2

    Hope you get sorted and get the cash off them 7k is way too much to write off as a bad experience, probably obvious input but I guess the moral here is stick to decent recognised sites and leave the dodgy looking ones alone 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

    Shadmun WANTED $21

    Never heard of the site but have heard of jumpman, maskwearer is right if they wanted your id they should have asked before they accepted your deposit.

    i would send them an email informing them you will be making a complaint to the UKGC if your withdrawal is not processed in the next few days.

    Did you take any bonus or it was a raw cash deposit?

    Shadmun WANTED $21

    I would suggest contacting the pogg if it drags on any longer.


    Hibslass WANTED $1

    Thanks Shadmun I will take a look at pogg. I have raised a case with resolver which no success.  It was no bonus so all cash deposit.  I have definitely learnt my lesson on using sites like this.  If it has no chat facilities I’m soon learning they aren’t worth touching.  I’ve managed to get two emails from them now and they want me to submit a signed verified utility bill by post.  Just stalling me now.  Its not like 7k is a huge amount to them but is to me eh.  I’ll get there with it.  Thank you to everyone who has replied. If I can these winnings il buy ya a drink if the bandit does a Scotland meet lol

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