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    Snazzy80 WANTED $1

    Hi , if you stumble across this mumble please read!.

    Last year June 2017 I deposited £20 on virgin games whilst on the loo one Saturday night , only having two accounts sky bet / Vegas and virgin after a lad at work won big on the sky Vegas ! So £20 no drama walked off the shit house £2800 better off after 15 mins I told the missus still half asleep ! I’ve won nearly 3 grand ! . Woke up the next day checked my account ..Yep I wasn’t dreaming ..BOOM holiday booked paid in full for 10 days at Christmas.

    Sunday the next day cheeky €50 on sky Vegas £800 win on naked gun fuck me this is easy that week I’d won £5400 on £2-  -£4 bets !

    After that it was steady away joined video slots, casumo, after watching you tube videos of rock n rolla casino daddy and nick slots ( sorry bandit you came a bit later ) ! Watching the new games the big bets etc etc , I was hooked and winning !

    Winning £800 , £600 , £1300 here and there ! Putting it back in till you only having £200 left one Sunday ! Roulette all or nothing my 6 numbers £2500 boom better than any drug or fix ! Spending on everything living life to the max big bills no drama .  All is good untill the the wins stop ! Slowly over the 8 months since Christmas the need to play slots is greaterb than anything and watching youtubers untill recent with the removal of accounts ! Waiting for pay day to try get that hit ! Chasing it ! Which is the worst thing you can do . So I’m here today to tell you /advise you don’t gamble I’m thousands in dept spending most of my wages trying to get that big win you see on line thinking my lucks got to change !

    This is real money when you put 2 days hard graft wages in and lose it in 30 mins you need to start asking question ! You know you shouldn’t do it but you do ! Cheeky £150 i’ll Get a big hit re deposit !! Sounds familiar or is it just me !!

    Ive activated Gamban tonight and should of don’t it sooner instead of trying to gambling my way out of it !

    Bandit good luck  you’ve obliviously earnt your monie prior to slots , and some people are luckier than others ??, but guys don’t get hooked don’t get drawn in to it all , you know these guys online are getting back by the casino’s most of them if not all do the math £2000 a day online streaming 3-4 days a week !! What jobs do they have to support that !! Or do they work for the online casino’s ! It’s up in the air ! , for me I’ve hit big and lost big and and the end of it all the bandits always win !! Take it easy out there guys !

    Hacko1 WANTED $181

    Hi mate to be honest I don’t think there is many people on here that didn’t gamble before they came across the bandits videos. We are gamblers it’s what we do.we actively search for these vids to get our own bit of gambling satisfaction for free. I’m a time served arcade fruity player that progressed into the bookmakers and then online gaming. I don’t win I know I will rarely win and what I do win is ploughed back into the never ending wheel of gambling because I love it and always will. I do my nuts time and time again but continue to gamble. WHY because it’s me and that’s what I am a GAMBLER. You think 2 days hard work gone in 30 mins is bad try 8 weeks proper hard graft laying flags gone in 3 hours at my local billy hills shop on the fobts hahaha bloody fobts but that’s another story ?

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