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    Fak_r1p WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit,


    I am watching you since almost 2 years now, glad you are back.

    I have never made a request so this are going to be 2 of the most underestimated slots but with huge potential, only if you feel like trying them.

    Reel Keeper and the second one is Chi.


    Thank you and good luck in the future.

    PS : Watching your video’s daily 😀

    Kmason1990 WANTED $1

    Hi bandit


    Think you need to try this again mate it went off it’s fucking tits!!! For me


    J2kjelly WANTED $3

    Haha literally sat and requested golden fish tank and was on the video today 🤣😂. How about some guns and rose and golden fish tank 2 if it ain’t in this video I’m currently watching

    whoswho WANTED $113

    So happy your back Bandit

    I think you would like playing

    hippo pop.


    HalloMallow WANTED $1

    Right, I’d love to see you play two games, both are fucking dangerous but made for true gamblers…..first is mega joker (the one with 3 reels), don’t forget when you’re on the super board you can gamble for 200 coins a spin by continuously pressing gamble.

    second one, I’ve found a little cheat on book of shadows…choose your stake and open the board so you are spinning 25 symbols at once ie 5 lines of 5 symbols. Choose your stake and keep spinning til you have a jackpot symbol (witch’s face) in the top position of reel 1…once she lands, lock the reel. you want to set the board up so you continuously lock reels 2, 4 and 5 when you have a witches head on the second from top position on reel 2, the second from top position on reel 4 and the top right position on reel 5. You will now have a kind of V shape but reel 3 isn’t on lock. Once all four reels are locked with the witches head on a v shape (Don’t hold the book symbols as your stake will increase), you can now spin only reel 3 and when either a witches face lands on reel 3 in the top position or the position 3 down, or a book lands in either position 1 or 3, you will win 5x the stake…..the stake will be very big, given you are locking 4 reels and the likelihood of you hitting a symbol or a book in positions 1 or 3 is very high but I’ve gambled from a balance of £100 to £2200 before I lost about £300 and then called it a day. I play the game on 20p stake and the per spin price of just reel 3 with all the others locked is £10. On the stakes you play…..well matey, forget reel king stevie….if you’re looking for a buzz, this is pure high stakes gambling and it’s a fucking rush!

    Debbie WANTED $1

    Hey Bandit,

    I sit and wait for your daily updates every day 😀

    Can you play clover gold or 5 pots of riches please..

    Thanks 😀

    Pearny WANTED $2

    How about some BANANA TOWN please Steve.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)