slots play happier on lower stakes??

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    chipnroll WANTED $14

    whats everyones opinion on this i go through the big win page and the majority of big wins are on tiny stakes 10-50p iv noticed this aswell overtime online i can hit a 800x on 30p but never done it on £2-5 which is normally playing on and if anything iv spun 90% more on £2+ the 30p…. they claim to be random something fishy here.

    The Bandit WANTED $3,857
    El Bandito

    It’s possible that they choose an amount to pay rather than a x stake win i dunno, like it’s decided i’m paying out a grand, if you are on 50p then you are getting 2000x, if you are on £2 then it’s a 500x win – it is also completely possible that that is horse shit haha

    Quazzi WANTED $126

    Slots probably decide if theyre going to payout on a bonus etc they calculate it in terms of x rather than £, I dont know but for a slot to say “lets pay out £500” is a bit shit if your on £10 spins (50x) but if your on 10p stake it looks amazing being 5000x.

    I dunno haha

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