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    ianh21 WANTED $14

    Hi Bandit

    I have recently done my own series quests which i do quite a lot. I’d like you to do the same.

    Rules are these:

    Spin in or buy a bonus on a series of games, i.e you go through ALL the big bass games and Fishing frenzy games.

    1 bonus per slot, be it the hold and spin or free spins on bass or free spins on frenzy and others.

    When 1 bonus has been gained, no matter how shite, you move to the next game until you play all the games in the series, videoslots for example has 11 bass games i think.

    At the end, you can see how much you have won.  If you play them all, you cash out your winnings and move on.  i.e deposit £2000, win £3000, withdraw the £1000 and play the next series with your original £2k.

    If you have a balance left, you move on to the next series of games.  i also do this on the floating dragoin series and charm series.

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