Shocking low paying games

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    Marky mark WANTED $15

    Just watch bandits last vid, there was a game called Samurai Ken that he got practically a full screen and payed 18 pounds wtf!!! I cant understand what the people that make these game are thinking, they must know that any sensible slots player will bin it in seconds. Is it just lazy programming or worse contempt for us. Anyway was just wondering whats the worst paying game you’ve played?

    JoeD333 WANTED $6

    Yeah I’m assuming that’s a one and done for the bandit, kinda reminds me of the old playtech games which were fun but had little to no potential when you rate them next to novos, btg and even play n go.


    A low paying one now I’ll throw out is starburst, it’s what casinos use to lure you in but it’s unbelievably bad.

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    The story behind how starburst was made is quite fun.

    The now owner of yggdrasil (i think) used to work for NetEnt. He was making a slot with i depth features, 2 bonuses, and a higher variance than normal. He created it and showed it to his boss. They said “No, we want something for casinos to put free spins on. Simple. No bonus. Just a 96% tractor for low variance wagering so the GGR (Gross gaming revenue) of casinos for free bets isnt too high”…

    The Yggdrasil owner said fine. In just a few days he made Starbust. Then he quit!

    He went on to start Yggdrasil, a good game provider with unique and some very good (Also some horrible) game. But e left NetEnt with the most popular slot of all time. By numbers Starburst is MILES ahead of any slot in spins per hour. And it makes them a fortune (here is why)…

    1 –  Casinos dont own games. They hire access from the game providers. For this they pay on average 10% of the total losses by players to the game provider. So every quid you lose on DHV… BTG gets 10p. Casumo gets 90p.

    2 – Casino’s get a discount for “losses” (Also called GGR, basically its bets minus wins), if that loss is from a bonus. Usually 10-20% of the amount owed to the game provider. So 10% becomes 8%.

    3 – If a game provider creates a game specifically low variance and moderate RTP, with an esy free round set up so casinos can offer free spins instantly… they CLEAN UP. As the wagering on the game is paid by the casino. The wins always have crazy wagering (And most people stay on Starburst once the free rounds are over, to “lose” what they just won). So… they have millions of spins on heir game for literally 0 risk every day.

    NetEnt and starburst changed gambling a little bit.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Interesting stuff, eejit101!

    For me, at least RTP-wise, all Murkur slots for me are absolute trash. Every single one averaging 30-50% RTP, and that’s over a lot of spins. I know the variance is very high, and therefore the potential, but I just haven’t seen it.

    In terms of low pays, yeah that Samurai Ken slot looked terrible! I may be wrong, but I’m sure when Bandit played it, it looked like the full line paid less than 3 symbols?

    Mysteron71 WANTED $19

    I just blew £80 on Ivanwhore at 40p a spin and had 4 bonus rounds in that wasted money with 3 bad beats paying naff all and the 1 round that paid gave me £1.28?????? .. so basically 4 bonus rounds and I got 3x for all 4 rounds woohoo!!! This basta is right on the ban list! what an absolute bag of that brown smelly stuff 😛

    Seriously avoid this slot… I near launched my mouse over that session 😀

    holdthebellsmate WANTED $10

    My old fav, but soon to be on my banned list is Gonzo’s Quest. It seems to now only pay more small wins and the odd big win in the base to keep the RTP. The very rare bonus is paying no more than 30x and that was the main part of the game, getting the 15x, retriggers or 20 free falls initially. Maybe they have gone into fleece mode for such a popular game, but without that potential less people will play it.

    On the flipside games like DoA,Immortal Romance, Rhino and Montezuma still chuck in reasonable bonuses, not that I chase them with 100’s of spins but they are worth playing for.

    sinacory WANTED $2

    Very detailed description. Apparently in the casino and in truth I can win a lot. I want to try foxy casino. By the way looking for a video with it, hope, i can find it

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