Same thing happened regarding your bank account to somebody else

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    Unbelievable steven . Can’t believe it . Top lad hope you get sorted soon 👍

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    Hi Steve

    this is disgusting that Barclays Bank or any bank can put a account overdrawn by 500 000 pounds (2 accounts)while they conduct a investigation

    Reading what happened to the lady in Birmingham it looks like the same thing has happened to you the lady received a apology what’s the use of that somebody should be held accountable
    I think the banking ombudsman should be made aware of this and if Barclays are the only bank doing this then people should think twice before banking with them as this could happen to them in the future

    I hope this gets sorted out quickly (not so you will be back on utube) so you can get you life back something like this could get a person not as strong as you to commit suicide

    take care I don’t have much money but I would gladly give you 50 pounds to help you over Christmas (I only get my pension so I can no longer afford to gamble)

    take care get sorted then see if you can’t get some recompense from them

    Take care all will come out in the wash

    your friend



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    I had to deal with the financial ombudsman once and he was fucking useless the guy I dealt with, ended up sorting it out myself. I work with a lad and he doesn’t even have a bank account believe or not cause he doesn’t trust them. What Barclays have done is a complete and utter disgrace, they’re a corrupt bunch of tossers like HSBC.

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    For those saying to move away from Barclays, go to another bank, Please note that this happens with all the banks. If you had been with anyone else, the exact same thing would have happened.

    You have been flagged for suspicious transactions. Most likely the large amounts being transmitted back and forth to overseas accounts due to gambling on the Crypto casino.

    The massive negative is because you are under investigation. You will unfortunately get no information while they do this.

    You had better hope that the Crypto casino is behaving themselves as this can be the result of that casino doing some dodgy things of which your are unaware.

    I hope it gets sorted soon, but all you can do is wait.

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    I reckon you just brought a round at the golf club bar and cant remeber!! 🙂

    That totally sucks though! you now have the same amount of money as the rest of us. lol

    Love your Vids and i hope it all gets sorted out soon Steve!!



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    this one in  January this year …

    all the big banks are failing, I had 2k taken from my Lloyds account Christmas 2021  ( it was refunded… but after a time ) and I had an “ attempted” theft in my Nat west….i moved to tsb but literately every other day there’s  a fucking update that takes your app off line for fucking hours….moved to Co op bank and principality and so far no issues ( obviously any account is hackable )


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    Bank has no way of knowing he was gambling with crypto, all they can see is funds being transmitted to crypto exchange and back, depending how he transfers the money.

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    Makes me want to close my Barclays accounts but no point as it seems any bank can do this, Sounds like Big Brother is involved somewhere and ordered an investigation into your transactions, esp with sudden change of attitude during the phone call,looks like someone high up was consulted and ordered the guy helping you to stonewall you totally.

    I only use a dedicated Lloyds account for gambling,depositing from other accounts as needed, I would never carry out any crypto transactions my main accounts.

    Its very scary and hope you get sorted out soon,the banks behavoir sounds disgusting I would be demanding considerable compensation for the inconvenience and fucking up your xmas.

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    What bad timing Steve.  My Santander account (might have still been Alliance & Leicester back then) got emptied 2 days before Christmas in 2007.  Like Barclays said, there are delays around bank holidays but they still worked on the days around Christmas.  If memory serves, my balance was reimbursed in the following week, so before the New Year.  In my case, they reckon it was via a cloned debit card.  I can’t think how that has happened, but I haven’t carried cards with me for a few years now as I can use my phone.

    I hope this gets sorted before the New Year Steve.  With it being £2M, I can only think that one of the crypto bodies was involved as they have your details and they are unregulated.  If Barclays make a pig’s ear of it though, I can imagine this will end up in the press like with the Birmingham lady.

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    Steve, if you have managed to go 20 hours without blowing your Stake balance, withdraw it to… I think you use Crypto DC? Then that is cash you can use. I am guessing you don’t have a CDC (cryptodotcom) card as you would have mentioned it, which is effectively just a bank card you can fill up with USDC/T/CRO. But that cash can be sent to people who then give you cash for the moment. I fully expect you can borrow the cash from friends and fam to tide you over, but if not I can arrange for someone to come and give you ££ for that USDC/T (if you have managed to stop yourself blowing it all!)

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    Pawel_PJ123 wrote:

    Bank has no way of knowing he was gambling with crypto, all they can see is funds being transmitted to crypto exchange and back, depending how he transfers the money.

    This ^^^
    In these instances, banks have to be very risk adverse. The potential for fines and sanctions is huge, they have automated processes to flag anything that looks suspicious and it has to go through manual review. 99% are reviewed and approved, although it’s the 1% that are truly proceeds of crime/money laundering. If it’s payments and receipts to and from crypto exchanges, then that’s a lot more likely to prompt a review.

    I’m not suggesting by any means that this is the way things should be dealt with, however I’m only iterating what does happen and how banks and financial institutions perform their transaction monitoring. Not my opinions, just the processes they follow.

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    Someone sent me a screenshot from YouTube that said the following:

    “YouTube removed your content

    Hi The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel,

    Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our sale of regulated goods policy.  We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:

    Video: Important Announcement – Where is The Bandit!

    Time it occurred: You can see an example of it at 00:08:03 in your video.  While this is one example, there may be other instances.”

    I have checked the Bandit’s channel just now though and his 10-minute announcement video is back it.  I thought I’d write this post, as it seems that Barclay’s is trying hard to brush this under the carpet.  The more we can expose Barclay’s regarding this matter, the more they should theoretically pull their finger out and actually HELP the Bandit rather than hinder him.

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    It got renewed the same day mate.., with regards to Steves banking account is because it’s been flagged for money laundering etc..,an investigation of amounts to and fro. It’s not the banks that are concerned, it’s the HMRC..,I know a few people it’s happened to. Someone I know is having to pay a small fortune in solicitors fees to get it rectified with accounts still blocked! Others are sorted within days (working days that is)!! Watch this space.. I hope he keeps us updated with the situation as it could happen to anyone, it’s defo a reason for concern if one is based in the U.K… have a good one 👍🏻

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    Cant believe Steve has been tottally  blanked again today by Barclays,but like I posted it has the smell of Big Brother about it and they probably have no choice,something badly wrong about the system though,a business could be busted if are they denied access to their funds for any length of time.Nice move involving the Police but the HMRC aint going worry about that, they have powers way above them.Seriously considering shiftIng most of my funds out Barclays, never liked them.Hoping my recent Razor win  doesnt cause any problems, I know anything 10k or over is scrutinized.

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