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    Shezzzzzzz WANTED $8

    Over how many spins do we think the RTP on games take to level out? 10k,100k? At videoslots i have an RTP overall of 77.72% and on some games as low as 44% over a lot of spins, so in theory due a win… but how due ?

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    It’s a good question! I think I have a couple of games on Videoslots where I’m around 45% RTP over ~3000 spins, so that’s pretty bad. I think after around 10k spins and above you should reasonably expect the RTP to level out closer to the theoretical RTP, but of course they’re set up over significantly more spins than that. On average luck I feel that’s a fair assumption!

    It often only takes one monster win to bring it closer in-line!

    Hacko1 WANTED $181

    Hi I asked video slots today for my profit and loss. It currently stands at £11800 deposited and total withdrawals comes to £6885 so I’m down just under £5000 which I think is pretty poor, it’s my worst online account. So there’s only one thing to do now high stakes BONANZA here we come ??????

    Wormweed WANTED $42

    I know NetEnt said their RTP is calculated after a few billion spins, so it might swing a lot both ways, and a losing streak on a high stake will lower your RTP a lot as well.

    Remember that Deposit vs Cashout isn’t only about luck, it also about not having unreasonable goals before you withdraw. Depositing 100 euro, and only withdrawing if you reach 700 euro for example. Withdraw the profit once you doubled/tripled your deposit, and leave the initial deposit to keep playing with.

    My RTP was at 97% the other day, then jumped up to 98,10% after a 800x win on Buffalo Rising at a 2 euro stake, which is higher than my usual stake.

    I have won up to 600 and 900 euro a few times, then went to bonanza and did 5 euro spins, ended up spunking it all without getting anything back. I give up on high stake bonanza, just lost way too much of my profit doing that. My Bonanza RTP is now only 88% after 18300 spins, and it used to be over 100%

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    My opinion is that RTP only comes into play if you literally do thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands upon hundreds of thousands upon millions of spins. And most if not everyone’s  RTP will be way lower than the casino/game will advertise…Was gonna say fact but i can’t prove it, but if i had the game logs/stats on everyone’s RTP, id bet my house that i was correct. Its only the lucky few who sky rocket into profit RTP wise.

    So i always take RTP out of the equation when it comes to playing on any slot. Its just luck of the draw to me. Just STAY AWAY from Big Time Gaming Slots. I’ve taken a stand against them, i will never play them again. Purely Cancerous inventions. RTP on these games will be astronomically BAD!

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