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    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    So I have joined several casinos using Bandit’s links down the years including:

    Videoslots, MrVegas, LvBet, Energy Casino and BetVictor

    Prior to knowing about Bandit I was also a member at Betfair, PaddyPower and Grosvenor

    So I have made deposits at all of these casinos and gave them a fair shot

    My thoughts:

    VIDEOSLOTS:- One of the best. Annoying as fuck to get set up and sorted with responsible gambling and verification but great game selection and fast withdrawals once you are verified

    MrVEGAS:- It’s the same as videoslots, isn’t it? They claim if you are verified on videoslots this doesn’t verify you on MrVegas, you have to go through the process again. The reason given is due to GDPR as apparently they can’t share info between casinos. This is bullshit as support on Videoslots have access to accounts on both sites including verification and responsible gambling tools. You can also link your accounts via a button on MrVegas

    MrVegas did not require me to jump through the same hoops as Videoslots when opening an account. They seem primed to start requesting documents as soon as you request a cashout, as has been reported by other members here

    I have drawn a big fat ZERO from both of those casinos with a horrible RTP, never had a withdrawal, but I would recommend Videoslots over mrvegas every day of the week. Both sites have autoplay for BTG games which is a big draw if you’re gonna play megaways games that average a bonus every 400-500 spins

    Neither site has requested SOW or AML from me despite me spending more there than on the sites below:

    ENERGY CASINO:- Really fucking me off. Made a bunch of deposits with no worries. I withdrew £900 and suddenly I am on the Interpol watchlist. Send me obtrusive SOW forms requesting info which they are not legally entitled to hold. To request CDD (customer due diligence) there is a threshold of €2000 according to UKGC:

    These casinos are not allowed to request this info until after you meet the thresholds. The threshold for AML is £8800. In fairness my withdrawal was processed but my deposits are now locked until I tell Energy Casino about my sex life. Apparently a blank email is not considered an acceptable response 😉

    Energy have autoplay and a nice selection of games. High charges for withdrawals. If you want to withdraw £100 you have to make a request for £104.70, give or take

    BET VICTOR – I was quite impressed with this site, arguably the best user interface and the smoothest experience. The slots play super fast in comparison to other sites (BTG games) but there is no autoplay feature for BTG

    BetVictor did not request I jump through any hoops when signing up or when making deposits. I’ve never had a withdrawal so can’t tell you if they will start asking for documents then, but I believe BetVictor would follow the UKGC regulations to the letter. More people should probably play here to be honest

    LVBET – This is a shit casino, let’s get that out of the way first. Their games are slow and horribly buggy. There is no autoplay for BTG and if you try to play 100 spins, the game will break and force you to refresh 5-10 times

    They didn’t request any info when I signed up and made deposits. I made multiple withdrawals, actually won a few quid here. The withdrawals were processed within 3 days and hit my bank within 5 days

    I made deposits totalling £530 and after my last deposit of £100 my account was frozen with requests now flowing in for SOW. It’s the whole 9 yards the same as Energy Casino – employer, monthly earnings, marriage, divorce, property, share portfolios, unbelievable level of detail

    Again this is a blatantly illegal request for my data and I will not be complying with illegal requests from Lvbet or from Energy Casino. They can fuck themselves

    I am annoyed that LvBet bombard me with emails about responsible gambling when by definition, I cannot have a problem if I’m winning, and I did win a fair amount at LvBet. They (energy, Lv, others) refuse to acknowledge the realities of playing Megaways slots and other higher variance games. They take 400 + spins to land a fucking bonus and the spins are so slow, it takes like 12 minutes to complete 100 spins. So just to have a CHANCE of a bonus you need to play for a full hour on e.g. Bonanza or similar. Then to get a fair reflection of the RTP you need multiple bonuses. It is not uncommon for me to spend 2-5 hours playing Bonanza or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. That is what it takes to get a decent fucking bonus on the games they provide. How can a casino flag you if you play for 3 hours when you might not even get a single bonus (the reason you started playing) during that time?


    It’s all bullshit. Illegal data requests. Tremendous hoops to jump through. Fees for withdrawals

    I am advising anyone thinking about some of these casinos that they will most likely make the same illegal requests from you when you deposit £500 or more, or when you try to make large withdrawals

    ** Not having a go at Bandit for promoting these casinos as despite me taking a dump on them, the casinos promoted by Bandit are objectively better than other casinos groups – e.g. SkillOnNet (THE WORST), Progressive Play, AG Comms, L&L, Jumpman, Grace Media, etc

    Look at this blatantly illegal bullshit from every single SkillOnNet casino. Observe the deposit screen:

    View post on

    Now observe the withdrawal screen:

    View post on

    Next compare with regulations from UKGC and you will see that SkillOnNet are in flagrant breach (you are not allowed to request ID verification as the basis for processing withdrawals, as per regulations from UKGC):

    ** I find it doubtful if Bandit, despite his celebrity status and working affiliation, will be able to help you with any of this stuff. The only way to get a resolution when a casino does illegal things is to report them to an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and then to UKGC


    So, those are my thoughts. Get your £499 limit in place if you want to use Energy or Lv. If you think you can play at any of these casinos like a normal person doing normal things, forget about it. They are going to request extensive info that nobody in their right mind should ever give to anyone, let alone to a fucking casino that is in flagrant breach of UK laws and regulations

    ** Fuck you LV and Energy if you hadn’t made illegal requests for my data I would be depositing and playing at your casinos as we speak. But you decided to be little bitches and freeze my account at £500 deposits. Good for you. Reap what you sow, you SOW SOBs

    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    Didn’t talk about Betfair, Paddy or Grosvenor but they are all reputable casinos and have treated me well down the years with regards the most important aspect – WITHDRAWALS

    Biohazard WANTED $671

    These are not illegal requests. In fact, online casinos these days have an obligation to know their customer and identify vulnerability earlier than ever, as instructed by the UKGC.

    They cannot use this to hold withdrawals, however. That is a clear breach 99% of the time.

    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    @biohazard – there are legal thresholds for asking for this information. I gave the link to UKGC. If you haven’t deposited €2000 then casinos shouldn’t ask you for SOW, as per regulations from UKGC

    The AML thing is even more egregious as the threshold is £8800. Again, links given to the relevant laws

    Our data is precious and it is illegal to request data from someone without justification. Do Tesco or your energy supplier ask you to provide SOW? No they don’t because you never tried to withdraw, but energy casino …..

    Weirdly, OR NOT, the casinos who have asked me for SOW are the same casinos I have withdrawn from. Never did I meet any of the SOW, CDD or AML thresholds, not even close

    You think it’s cool @biohazard for the casinos to use these laws as an illegal weapon against players? Because that is what they do. I deposit, nobody bats an eyelid. I withdraw and suddenly I need SOW. I don’t withdraw, nobody asks for SOW. That’s specifically the casinos promoted on this website but obviously we know how much of a shower of shite these casinos can be, and their staff. Their staff are paid bonuses according to how much they steal from players. As if such a thing is even close to being legal or ethical

    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    Biohazard wrote:

    These are not illegal requests. In fact, online casinos these days have an obligation to know their customer and identify vulnerability earlier than ever, as instructed by the UKGC.

    They cannot use this to hold withdrawals, however. That is a clear breach 99% of the time.

    You are right in that these aren’t illegal requests depending on what CDD criteria the casino is using. They can have a €2000 CDD threshold as I said above but there are so many things the casino can flag you for. It’s not a regulation by UKGC it’s more of a holistic approach to identifying “problem gamblers” which the casinos may use at their discretion but ……… If you play for longer than 1 hour and if it’s in the T&C, a casino can ask you for the whole shabang of KYC, SOF, SOW, AML

    What a joke tho if you play for 1 hour you are labelled a problem gambler. I’d guess we’re all problem gamblers then, fucking nonsense

    * Summary – if you deposit €2K or play for longer than 1 hour sessions, a casino can ask you to jump through many hoops

    ** Still weird AF though I play on a bunch of casinos for longish sessions on BTG games and the only casinos that ask for anything are the ones I made withdrawals from. That ain’t no coincidence.

    Jeroensgambling WANTED $4

    In my opinion avoid any N1 casino or N1 sub brand.

    The RTP’s just is’nt what is advertised. And indeed when you do seem to win suddenly the interpol questioning comes out of the closet. Accounts closed with no further explanation and such.

    Basicly; avoid any casino not active in your country or having the right jurisdiction because basicly they can turn you over and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    They all however, never seem to have any issues with deposits. The casino’s i play at always have a mandatory of verifying first before you can even place a bet, which is i think the best way to go.

    Alinr6 WANTED $5

    Auto-spin in UK?

    sound legit

    MillsXx WANTED $1

    video slots asked me for source of wealth but I didn’t know until after I deposited so went into live chat to try and get my deposit back out and they refused to let me withdraw isn’t this illegal? Can they hold my deposit until I give source of wealth?

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