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    Tpritchard WANTED $34

    Hi guys

    Over the last 3-4 years of gambling on many sites i like everybody else has up and down weeks majority of weeks losing, I usually deposit around £100-£200 a week and absolutely gutted when I lose. Some weeks however I have turned small deposits into huge wins for example on casumo earlier this year i put in £30 and few hours later I was withdrawing just over £9000 was an unbelievable day and was so excited went to bed that night planning on what holiday to go on what to buy etc. Next day I checked to see if the withdrawal had been processed but it was still pending and with a cancel withdrawal underneath it I thought well I will cancel it and play with £1k but instantly withdraw the other £8k long story short by the end of the day it had all gone.

    This has happened to me on atleast 5 occasions this year and on 4 different sites, I am more gutted and angry with myself when I lose my withdrawal than I am when i lose my deposits over an over. I know people can say you should have more control over it but it’s not that easy. The withdrawals can stay pending an be able to be cancelled for upto 48 hours even longer sometimes.

    The casinos get a chance to get there money back through this option but we never get a chance to get the deposit back. I would like to see a site process withdrawals within a few hours or be able to lock them in somehow. But for me personally I think it shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. Just wondering if anyone else on here has gone through the same experience

    s0bern WANTED $1

    Ye man, im in the same boat. I’ve been gambling for 7-8 years now and lately been reversing all my cashouts. This month I won about 6k euro and I waited 48 hours and started to reverse bit by bit. I’ve heard that some casinos offers to lock your withdrawal but i dunno wich.

    s0bern WANTED $1

    I even reversed a 300k euro win once and lost it all in 1 night.

    holdthebellsmate WANTED $10

    Just play at another site until the money has gone through. I would get too paranoid about the casino trying to claw my money back, or the slots playing differently once bonus money is cleared. Either way if you are up 200 at one site you can happily lose 50 at another, knowing you are getting a fair mix of the RTP.

    Migwah WANTED $4

    Easiest was is soon as you withdraw time out your account for 48 hours then you can’t touch it.

    Anonymous WANTED $15

    If I win at a site that does not either instantly process withdrawal requests or that don’t offer you the option of locking your withdrawal then I tend to use the timeout option and set it for 48 hours so that I cannot reverse it and then play elsewhere until the withdrawal is processed Works for me.

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    The withdrawal reversal is a crap thing that I have had a bitch about since forever it would be better to just make it illegal lol 🙂

    antonyw86 WANTED $4

    I play at rizk and you can lock your withdrawels so its not tempting to play more.

    Won 10k last night quickly locked and although today im wanting to play Im happy coz at leat im not losing that money I won.

    Its so tempting for a gambler to have these withdrawel reversal they really do need to do something about it.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,362
    El Bandito

    I agree that reverse withdrawals shouldn’t be legally allowed, once you have clicked withdraw, it should surely give enough of an indication that you are done and want that money, anything else happening with that money before it hits your bank is just irresponsible from the casino imo

    Run187 WANTED $28

    All sites should have the lock withdrawal option .I don’t play the sites myself,but when I did it was easy to think I could cancel that 200 gbp withdrawal and turn into a huge amount to end up with zero ..

    1pstaker WANTED $25

    There is one thing you can do I think. I done it a couple of times myself on Virgin Games. Make the withdrawal, then go to the responsible gambling page and ‘take a break’ for a couple of days. Yeah, you wont be able to gamble on that site, but at least the withdrawal will be processed by the time you do access the site again.

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