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    If anyone has any questions or query’s on how and where and how to use Crypto sites and what platforms to use to buy Crypto etc. then pin this thread and ask away been using these sorts of sites for years on and off and also use to mine coins as well, I don’t know everything by any means but i know enough to probably help you out in some way or i know where to find the answers. bear in mind when using these sites, you will need a VPN (virtual Private Network) there are many out there i personally use You get 20Gb a month free after signing up.


    Best Crypto wallets: (Not necessarily a wallet it as actually a prepaid Mastercard that you can buy Bitcoin on and send it through there platform) slightly lower fees than most others.


    Best Crypto casinos in my opinion: which is the one the Bandits using.


    Always be aware that using Crypto can be daunting and slightly scary if you have never used it before and make sure you perform all the necessary research and feel 100% confident using it because once you send from one address to another and you get it wrong your funds can never be or very very very rarely ever be recovered once its gone it gone.


    Anyways that’s enough of me like i say any questions just reply back to this thread try and help you out as much as i can.

    Slot WANTED $40

    Coinbase is absolutely no go for Gambling

    1. If they find out you using Coinbase for gambling your account will be closed

    2. Fee chargers are 3 times higher

    3. Spending over £3500 will get reported to HRMC

    If you cashout £1000 on Coinbase you get charger £50 other Wallet charger £20-£25

    Vinny123 WANTED $9

    More or less given up on crypto casinos,BC Game has been as good as gold, no problem ever with deposits or withdrawals, it is the crypto transactions that are the problem  I must have signed up to at least 8 exchanges and every time I end up with the accounts being closed for various reasons.All the acccounts have been set up honestly with all the information requested being submitted, normally the first couple of transactions work fine, then delays for checks on the  next ones or restrictions being applied. 3 of the accounts have been closed without any reason given.

    I must admit some of it is my own fault for sending or recieving crypto directly from the casinos, but usually do casino transactions via an external wallets.I dont sent massive amounts of crypto but anything over around £200 causes problems.I have no idea how the likes of Bandit manage to deposit thousands with no apparrent issues.

    MikeyDontLikey WANTED $3

    I played on rollbit for a year but I am closing the account soon, your RTP will always be between 81 and 92 percent if you play slots over a year, but the reason I am closing is because they have kept players money on MANY occasions and I think they may actually be criminals.

    BCGAME seems more legit and all, just moved over today.

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