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    Thebear WANTED $8

    Been here from the start of bandits journey but as I have not gamble for almost 4 years now since having my kids I have not signed up to the community just been having a look now and again. I had to sign up as furlough kicked in and I need some thing to do when every one was a sleep and drinking was no longer fun so I turn back to a old paddy power account after a few beers and after sending my details over away I went and over the last 2-3 weeks I have been up n down on reel king mega but last nyte I though why not load up £500 on £4 spins no good so £500 then £1000 more and then last £1000 so £3000 in and nothing was feeling sick so off to sleep for me but I woke up thinking £1000 more why not (very silly) so load it up £4 spins got down to £500 odd it hit the super king and gave me 20 spins I was like yes hope I get at least 2k-3k as 20 spins on £4 don’t see why not anyway a few dead spins then and few wins on the same spin got up to times 17/18 I think it was not sure but in comes the money bags about 6-7 in a row (not 100%sure) and it goes for £13112 cud not believe it still had a good few spins and the end total was £14644! Madness so £8644 up so when it comes in that account is getting closed and hopefully no more gambling for me as back at work soon too. I know I was very lucky here even tho it was very silly to be £4000 in anyway had to share it n bandit needs to get on it £20 spins lol.

    Chriswire WANTED $6

    Well done. For stopping now I mean. Really well done. Don’t get tempted back.

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