Redbet Deposit Issue.

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    Burtoni17 WANTED $2

    Hey everyone! Right, so I wanted to deposit £20 on Redbet, (my monthly limit is £25), i took advantage of a 50% bonus, after all its a free tenner! Deposit then went through successful, yet it then said my cash balance was £40 and bonus £10. Checked my deposit history and it had deposited twice, 2 separate deposits. Which is so weird as my deposit limit is £25 and has been for a while.

    I got onto live chat and they’re investigating and I’m awaiting an email from them to find out what went wrong.

    Just beware guys as If I was one to deposit more, or have bigger limits it could’ve screwed me.


    Take it easy guys!

    Soxdog7 WANTED $10

    pretty sure if you explained the situation and showed your bank statement this would of been resolved easily.

    Cant really see the issue….

    babyface WANTED $36

    This seems like a simple error to me, the usual situation of your computer sending a payment twice.

    However it does beggar the question of why the casino are not honouring your self imposed limits and rejecting any deposit over your limit – hardly in line with promoting responsible gambling.

    I also wonder what would have happened if you had played through the whole lot and won £10k with your excess deposit – cue Redbet stating that it was not allowed because you had breached your limit 🙂  They do love a get out free alternative


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)