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    brizman WANTED $46

    Hi folks,


    I recently had my redbet account closed, here’s what happened:


    I was in live chat asking about my account etc..and the advisor suggested i email, howevere they provided me with a mr green email. I asked why this was. I was told mr green had bought evoke gaming(redbet) last december. I had no idea of this. I said i had excluded from mr green. And he checked my details as being exlcuded. They have now closed my account.

    My gripe is: they had 7 months from the takeover(which i knew nothing about) to check my account details for self exclude, but said nothing.

    I feel they maybe turned a blind eye and left me to continue playing at redbet, or would they have had no way of knowing of exclusion at mr green?



    Delboy WANTED $1

    Hi Brizman.


    Similar happened to me. I self excluded from Gday Casino ages ago (Caddell Group). I opened a 21casino account and played for about a year. I then went on chat for a query and all of a sudden my account was closed, citing i was self excluded.


    I emailed them asking why this happened. They said it was because I had used a different name (Shortened Version), and different email. I countered with the fact of my Id was the same for verification both times ( Driving Licence with unique number) and asked for a refund of net deposits.


    They refused saying i tried to decieve them using a different name again. This time I said i was prepared to go to the UKGC with my findings and show the interactions I have had with 21casino.

    The following reply was an apology and asking for details of my bank to process a refund. If you are down in Redbet, I would push for the similar net deposit refund, if you used same Id for verification, use this as further evidence as to why you should have been excluded on the merger date.


    Good Luck

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    I first heard about the Mr Green takeover of Redbet through the affiliate side of things, it was coming in for a few months and then everything switched over, its a bit of a grey area when a takeover happens i guess, like what if Casumo took over Videoslots and you had self excluded from one because you just preferred the other and wanted to play on there, i think potentially you should be given the chance to decide whether you wish to exclude from the taken over place as well as the place you initially self excluded from with the exception being if you had maybe registered to be mass self excluded with a database such as Gamstop.


    I think there should definitely be something that flags up between the two casinos in question though so they at least know you are excluded from one or the other.

    brizman WANTED $46

    The thing is..i enjoyed playing redbet. I am up overall on deposit/withdrawals, but i don’t like the way they just kept quiet, then all of a sudden..we’ve closed your account. No point in asking for deposits back, i am just highlighting the issue. Very disappointed in redbet.

    Thirstypotato WANTED $28

    It was probably better just to close your account with Mr Green rather than to self-exlude. I think the main reason they closed your account with Redbet was because they have a duty to honour the self-exlusion on their sister site. The company who owns both Redbet and Mr Green open themselves up to litigation if you decide to bring proceedings in court against them for a loss of monies, as you could argue that you had a gambling problem and had self-exluded from one, but the company had not picked up your account with the other, thus breaching their duty set in law.

    Self-exlusion denotes problem gambling, closing your account denotes nothing other than you no longer wish to be a customer — the latter is your best option if you want to continue using other casinos.


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