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    Dubbokid WANTED $2

    I had the best online chat with their support today.  I put in £20 and ran it up to £110 and then played it down to £50, but as it was my first time playing thought I’d request a withdrawal to see if it was a painless experience before I put I made anymore deposits.  I didn’t get my 100% bonus match for first time deposit due to requesting the withdrawal, which was a bit weird as I’d well and truly played though my initial £20, but no bother – as it was a Paypal deposit I read something like ‘instant to 23 – 48 hours’ for withdrawal to Paypal – what they really mean is it takes 24 – 48 hours as standard BUT once processed it’s instant back to Paypal  – does my head in any casino takes more than a few hours these days.  Now I’m waiting to see if they hit me for endless bullshit ID which I hope they won’t due to the size of the withdrawal, but you never know.  I fucking hate being allowed to deposit but have to cut your balls off to get your winnings out if you’re lucky enough to get any that is.

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