Quite simply never won on slots

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    Matty15602 WANTED $6

    I’ve been gambling nearly every day for 3 years. Low stakes(20p), fairly low deposits, all walks of game from low volatile(500x) to high volatile(100,000x) max win. Never, ever won anything worthwhile, or as a matter of fact anything that puts me in profit for that month. The most I’ve ever won is 1300x on MM2 Deluxe, which I posted here not long ago. Having played slots several hours a day, nearly every day, for 3 years, this just seems completely wrong. You go on Youtube or twitch and you see all these streamers hitting 5000x+ nearly once a week, or hitting several thousand times stake after about 5 turbo spins on autoplay. My sessions typically consist of zero bonuses for hundreds of spins, and then finally hitting one for a whopping 0x, 5x or if lucky, 15x.

    I’m not being spiteful towards Youtubers or streamers who win. I’m happy for anyone who wins – big or small. But I’m just tired of being fleeced of every deposit, with seemingly no hope of winning. On the off chance I do hit something around the 500-1000x mark, it’s barely break even on even the week, let alone the month.

    Anyone else got the worst luck in the world?


    hdrobi@5019 WANTED $17

    Check the RTP on the site you play. Odds are you should have won bigger and often by now. I find most sites you first sign up to are very lucky at first to draw you in and then slowly peeter you down to average/below average wins.

    I too play low stakes the majority of the time and I enjoy the rarity of some spins as well as winning big. Perhaps instead of playing everyday on low stakes, play once a week or perhaps once a month on bigger stakes, it may reset the odds for you? Sometimes I will only play free battles/encores on Videoslots and Mr Vegas to change the game play too and I won’t deposit until I win something off them.

    I’ve won first on a few free battles including the cash one. I won first and from the 100 free spins I won $4.20 and then I got 5 free spins on Legacy of Egypt won $530 and 5 free spins on Reactoonz $340. They can be very lucky and worth trying out when game play becomes stagnant.

    There is one game in particular that I hate though and will continue to play … Bonanza. Thousands upon thousands of spins to get a 0x bonus. It’s just that game however we’re lucky where I am to be able to buy bonuses, quick spin and auto spin. So I can’t complain.



    hdrobi@5019 WANTED $17

    It is not 3:08 here it is 16:08, just in case anyone thinks I’m up the small hours reading and replying on forums about gambling 😂😂😂 Not that it’s a bad thing but I’m not sure if it is a good thing either.

    Snobskill WANTED $1

    Where is bandit no videos

    I need my fix😵👹👺


    Slot WANTED $25

    you need to partner with a crypto casino to win big lol

    verman4ik WANTED $2

    It seems that you have to understand how slot machines are working. Some players have accounts in different casinos or play in different slots? I mean providers. I won, but in the end lose playing Holmes & the Stolen Stones)) I wanted its jackpot))

    jannettfailure WANTED $0

    It’s hard nowadays to find the perfect online platform for gambling. It took me a lot of time to find the best for me. I tried many different platforms, and I was disappointed with them.


    Absolutely – I would say I’m the same. I’ve had a timeout recently because I just do not win anything. I play low stakes £0.60 and less and basically it sounds like my experience is exactly the same as yours. I’ve even thought there must be a flag against my name at the casino for some unknown reason because I just don’t win. I get bonuses and get 20 – 30x. That phrase “when there fun stops, stop.” But gambling is not fun when you lose, of course.

    You’re not alone buddy.

    Jeroensgambling WANTED $4

    verman4ik wrote:

    It seems that you have to understand how slot machines are working. Some players have accounts in different casinos or play in different slots? I mean providers. I won, but in the end lose playing Holmes & the Stolen Stones)) I wanted its jackpot))

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    In my experience, and i think some can attest to that too, your action is simply based on your deposits. You deposit alot? You can expect to a certain degree you’ll get action. You deposit less? Consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to score a 1000x up to 5000x.

    In my experience, i always seem quite even in regards of my winnings to the level i deposit. How is that? Ive seen this with Rocknrollah too. The guy said to deposit over a 100k and at the end of the year he hits the big 10 pound dream of a game.

    The feeling itches me that, after watching 4 episodes of the bandith while doing 1000 deposits a day, he seems to end at the 4th day with a larger win. But nothing out of the usual… Just almost as close as what he started with.

    I’m not saying it’s rigged. I cant help it watching and thinking about that theory, that was if we are just paying for our own (dumb) entertainment here and there’s never really a chance to really get ahead (unless you hit the live games and you do get lucky).

    I mean i have bad days; and once the good days are in the slots all over the place just massively blow out the doors. One win after another and even on the same providers. I mean how big are the true chances to that?


    UnluckyBloke WANTED $6

    Don’t trust any streamers or youtubers consistently winning. I’m sure there are real ones out there, and I can’t say I have watched many. I’ve only found the bandit I wanna watch, but it’s his reactions and emotions authenticity that makes it good.

    You will consistently lose at gambling, its how it works! You will never be able to catch up. Anything you spend is for entertainment and should be considered lost immediately. Now if what you actually end up losing doesn’t give you the amount of entertainment you feel you were owed, then stop gambling.

    It sounds harsh, but it’s not meant to be hurtful, just reality.

    I would by default avoid sketchy casinos or ones not monitored by trusted agencies.

    In any case, I hope your luck turns!

    Excommunicado WANTED $4

    Evening or afternoon  all,


    Long time lurker and watcher of Bandit videos. Hope you are all well.


    I gambled in bookies for about 7 years before moving on to online slots. Where realistically for me things never actually materialised. Leading up to the day I decided to Jack it in for good ( sometime in June 2021 ) I had lost around 5 grand in the space of 3 months. I was still at uni. Had and still have an ebay business and worked full time etc so I wasn’t making mega bucks but made enough to have some spare funds.


    For context I played a lot of play and go games, Book, merlin etc. I also used to try the no limit games and the megaways games as I was on the hunt for the unobtainable 100,000x wins. More fool me.

    I am still adamant to this day, in what must have been nearly 20 grand over a 4 year period that I never had a single win over 1000x. And I would play on anything from 50p to £10 a spin ( balance depending ) I deposited £600 one evening and got up to 5k and within an hour it was gone,  playing max £5 stakes.


    The final day came around where a friend and I were having a cheeky daytime session. Got from £500 to £1500 and decided to give madame destiny megaways a go. To cut a long story short with £18 left in the balance we got a bonus on £6 stake or thereabouts. It paid 6x. That was it for me. Having seen up to £100k hits on £6 stake, that was the final nail in the coffin for me.


    I had some great times gambling and some no so great times but i never had that one win that every gambler tells the story about. A little upsetting to think I lost all that money with nothing to really shout about but there we go.


    I haven’t gambled since that day and don’t intend to. I’m quite happy watching the bandit and occasionally Paul’s highlight reels ( as I do genuinely think they are the only guys on YouTube not being bankrolled by Curaçao ).


    Anyway, I hope that sheds a bit of light to the other side of gambling which is that it is perfectly plausible to spend a fuck ton of money and not even hit 1000x haha.


    Have a good one fellas.

    Jeroensgambling WANTED $4

    Dont chase it… Because at the proces you’ll likely to lose a shit ton of money.


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