Quite simply never won on slots

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    Matty15602 WANTED $6

    I’ve been gambling nearly every day for 3 years. Low stakes(20p), fairly low deposits, all walks of game from low volatile(500x) to high volatile(100,000x) max win. Never, ever won anything worthwhile, or as a matter of fact anything that puts me in profit for that month. The most I’ve ever won is 1300x on MM2 Deluxe, which I posted here not long ago. Having played slots several hours a day, nearly every day, for 3 years, this just seems completely wrong. You go on Youtube or twitch and you see all these streamers hitting 5000x+ nearly once a week, or hitting several thousand times stake after about 5 turbo spins on autoplay. My sessions typically consist of zero bonuses for hundreds of spins, and then finally hitting one for a whopping 0x, 5x or if lucky, 15x.

    I’m not being spiteful towards Youtubers or streamers who win. I’m happy for anyone who wins – big or small. But I’m just tired of being fleeced of every deposit, with seemingly no hope of winning. On the off chance I do hit something around the 500-1000x mark, it’s barely break even on even the week, let alone the month.

    Anyone else got the worst luck in the world?


    [email protected] WANTED $17

    Check the RTP on the site you play. Odds are you should have won bigger and often by now. I find most sites you first sign up to are very lucky at first to draw you in and then slowly peeter you down to average/below average wins.

    I too play low stakes the majority of the time and I enjoy the rarity of some spins as well as winning big. Perhaps instead of playing everyday on low stakes, play once a week or perhaps once a month on bigger stakes, it may reset the odds for you? Sometimes I will only play free battles/encores on Videoslots and Mr Vegas to change the game play too and I won’t deposit until I win something off them.

    I’ve won first on a few free battles including the cash one. I won first and from the 100 free spins I won $4.20 and then I got 5 free spins on Legacy of Egypt won $530 and 5 free spins on Reactoonz $340. They can be very lucky and worth trying out when game play becomes stagnant.

    There is one game in particular that I hate though and will continue to play … Bonanza. Thousands upon thousands of spins to get a 0x bonus. It’s just that game however we’re lucky where I am to be able to buy bonuses, quick spin and auto spin. So I can’t complain.



    [email protected] WANTED $17

    It is not 3:08 here it is 16:08, just in case anyone thinks I’m up the small hours reading and replying on forums about gambling 😂😂😂 Not that it’s a bad thing but I’m not sure if it is a good thing either.

    Snobskill WANTED $1

    Where is bandit no videos

    I need my fix😵👹👺


    Slot WANTED $11

    you need to partner with a crypto casino to win big lol

    verman4ik WANTED $2

    It seems that you have to understand how slot machines are working. Some players have accounts in different casinos or play in different slots? I mean providers. I won, but in the end lose playing Holmes & the Stolen Stones)) I wanted its jackpot))

    jannettfailure WANTED $0

    It’s hard nowadays to find the perfect online platform for gambling. It took me a lot of time to find the best for me. I tried many different platforms, and I was disappointed with them.

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