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    rarfff WANTED $2


    Recently my gambling on the slots has gotten out of control. I’ve had a bad run and decided its time to put measures in place.

    I self-excluded from the main casinos i used, but as a result just ended up signing up to new ones to allow myself to gamble again. I’ve been thinking of signing up to gamstop to take the urge away, but before I do I wanted to know if its all or nothing, or can I whitelist certain sites?

    Reason being is that i enjoy a bet on the football and have always gambled responsibly and stayed within my limit, only when I discovered slots i started to lose control. Ideally i’d like to be self-excluded from all casino sites but still be able to do sports betting.

    I’ve had a look on the gamstop website and can’t see much information, so i’m assuming by signing up I wouldn’t be able to gamble anywhere at all? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just want to know if this is an option before i commit to it.


    Anonymous WANTED $15

    As far as I understand it if it is covered by a UKGC licence then it should be all or nothing.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    It’s all or nothing I’m afraid. I faced a similar dilemma when I signed up, as I enjoy the odd sports bet, but in the end it was the right decision for me.

    Based on what you’ve shared, you should sign up anyway. It’s only ever a downhill slope with gambling, it won’t get better. Sign up and save yourself a tonne of money.

    rarfff WANTED $2

    Thanks for clarifying, i did think that would be the case.

    I think you’re right, not having football bets is a good sacrifice if it means i’m not worrying about financially kicking myself in the dick. Will get myself signed up.

    Cheers guys!

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $55

    Why don’t you try joining the mobile app kwiff it’s only football related as far as I remember and you can get some juicy bet boosters from time to time

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    all UK casino you cant play only some bad casinos out of UK you need to wait like 10 days to get pay if they feel like paying you, and you cant play most of good games,if you join gamestop make sure u dont play again and join this bad casinos out of UK


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)