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    BizzareTsar WANTED $1

    Hey Everyone, I’m new here but I’ve been watching bandit for a while and playing slots for years, so to my point as we all know as a UK player bonus buying is impossible, so I was just wondering how does bandit manage to do it for the buy battle videos like the last one with Phil?

    ImperialDragon WANTED $50

    If you have “been watching the Bandit for a while” (in your own words), then you’ll know how he/Phil does it.  He has explained it in a few of his videos.

    The Videoslots account was originally a UK account.  After moving the account over to Malta, it was able to do bonus buys.  The currency stays in £pound only because it was originally a UK account and Videoslots doesn’t change that.  The Bandit uses remote desktop software on his own computer out to the Maltese computer (which also uses remote desktop, unattended access).

    Chipmonkz does similar by having 2 addresses (UK and ROI).  When in the UK, he remotes out to his ROI computer and therefore able to do bonus buys.

    Xbobmad WANTED $716

    Steve logs into Phil’s account in the UK and the bonus buy options are still there because his residence and VS account is set to and verified in Malta. Originally it was a UK account so it’s in GBP because VS don’t let you change that… AFAIK.

    The devil WANTED $76

    Xbob is correct, plus you should know bandit has explained it numerous times so you clearly aren’t listening and what imperial dragon says is actually wrong and isn’t allowed so if fat chips is doing that which I suspect he is as well as others do the same like fruity, angry, azzi gambling basically all of them do it, they may have addresses but you are not allowed to stream from the uk using your Irish account, it’s different for that Phil because he is using his account in the uk as he’s technically on holiday

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)