Pyramid slot theory

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    being doing a bit of research on the theory behind how online slots payout,if this has been covered before then I apologise in advance.what started me off was the reelking winnings and how bandit keeps getting to the you open up a slot on low stakes play x amount of spins a percentage of those losses go into the next level prize pool.up the stakes same again and so on until the top tier is reached eg max stake allowed.less players are obviously playing at max stakes so effectively bandit has created his own prize pool when he gets to max stakes.if I understand this right each casino has its own prize pool connected to each specific game which is held on the providers servers.that sounds like a load of bollocks when I read it back don’t think I explained that very

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    El Bandito

    I would think it is less casino dependent and more provider dependent, like Reel King is a novomatic pot rather than say a Grosvenor pot or a Videoslots pot, i would imagine that was the way of it but who knows lol

    Oldmoon WANTED $22

    Yes that what I meant the providers of the game.but for each specific game its why when the. New games come out there’s more big wins and as less people play them the prize poll on each level gets less so the games pay out less.

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    We don’t need to theorise on these things because the rules laid down by the regulator are available for anyone to read. The only “prize pool” accumulation allowed in an online slot is a progressive jackpot.

    Game results must be ‘acceptably random’. Acceptably random here means that it is possible to demonstrate to a high degree of confidence that the output of the RNG, game, lottery and virtual event outcomes are random through, for example, statistical
    analysis using generally accepted tests and methods of analysis. Adaptive behaviour (ie a compensated game) is not permitted.

    Game designs or features that may reasonably be expected to mislead the customer about the likelihood of particular results occurring are not permitted

    Where the event requires a pre-determined layout (for example, hidden prizes on a map), the locations of the winning spots should not change during play, except as provided for in the rules of the game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)