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    Hello everyone

    I’ve been a ghost member here for a while now, watching the videos, reading the forum and thought I’d post my biggest win.

    In May 2012 I was playing on posh bingo. My favourite game at the time was White Wizard; it’s still around now but I don’t play it as much, I was depositing in the 100’s. After loosing nearly £1000 I decided to stop playing that game and call it a loss and went to bed. After about an hour of struggling to sleep with thought the game had beaten me I got up, made a coffee and some toast and logged in.

    I was determined to win my money back. (I was financial stable at the time so could afford to lose more) on the home screen there was advertising for Double Up Ducks  which looked and felt very similar to White Wizard. The progressive on that was climbing and climbing. You never hear stories of people winning progressives as it just doesn’t happen! The big roulette win, the accumulated bet yeah but not slots.

    Starting at sensible stakes of 50p I was up and down like a yo yo. 2 hours in I was still going, I was a couple of hundred up so I though. This is it, jackpot or bust. Pushed the stake up to £3.75 a spin. I got a bonus yippee! Won my money back from White Wizard so I was over the moon and was about to call it a night then there it was. A huge pop up on my screen. You’ve won the progressive £5,524.49!!! Oh my god! I just couldn’t believe it. The adrenaline and excitement pulsing out of me could be felt for miles. I was thrilled. I quickly withdrew £1000 as that was the daily withdraw limit and £3000 a month. I booked a holiday the next day and bought my first motorbike. Absolutely loving life. This is what it is all about, this was my moment.

    Six years on now I’m still trying to win another progressive but I think the odds are against me. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics, high stakes, low stakes, long duration playing games and still none. Most definitely should have stayed away after winning that day but for a typical gambler this was the kick you needed and you always think you can win it again. Which doesn’t happen!

    Following this I’ve been on many sites looking for that thrill and buzz again. There was a site called Jackpot Party Casino I used to love the random progressive chances. Even though I only won a little money in there the big pop up “Jackpot Party” so sensational! Not found a site like it since which is a shame.

    Hope you all enjoyed my story. When other people win the progressive you think what you can do with that money, quit gambling forever, go on holiday etc. you win the progressive and you become hooked to win more so be careful.

    All the best XD

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