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    brookie888 WANTED $13

    Over the years I have definitely changed the way I play slots. I used to deposit 200 and play somewhere on 2 or 3 quid looking for a quick hit or a big win.

    now I like to play on lower stakes as I want to play for longer, I might choose a game like bonanza or spinal tap on £1 or 80p and play 1500 spins.

    it seems like a bit of a distraction or a routine now instead of the excitement or the buzz of trying to get a big win.

    also I used to stick to the same games like rhino and monty and now I like to have a few quid as soon as a new game come along just to try it, but it’s a bit like I am buying 30 mins on a new game instead of trying to win on it, if that makes any sense?

    I think the bandit has changed with his reel king and swarm action, I think that started with DHV when he kept increasing the stakes as it was the go to slot to win his money back??


    Ramm WANTED $32

    low deposit, low stakes as im just here to have a bit of fun and a big win is a big win even at low stakes as to me its about my investment vs what i get back. If you pick the right game you can get silly pay outs for your 20p and the best part is that when it all goes to shit you’re not left in a hole of debt a mile wide you just look at your bank and say “ouch better stop”.


    works for me, i know there are folk out there that would see 20p spins as not worth doing but then you have to ask yourself what kind of enjoyment you’re getting and maybe switch game or get out totally. This gambling lark should be about the fun first and foremost.

    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    I used to play stakes of £2+ but didn’t get the game play I was looking for on my budget so I started playing anything from 10p up to a pound depending if I was winning or not. I just got fed up of losing silly money on the 2 quid Bets as it does go fast. since playing lower stakes I usally get a lot more fun from it. dont get me wrong you can still get robbed but it gives you time to get a play.

    ligarr WANTED $82

    I usually start with £500 to £1000 deposit and do between £2-£5 spins….but i play because i want biggish wins,thats where i get my buzz from.Problem is you can lose alot of money doing that as i have,god knows how much the majority of ppl doing £10-£50 spins lose.

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