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    Tjene WANTED $3

    Was going to make an deposit to be active for the current draw and whilst logging in i got greeted with ‘your account has been suspended’ I dont know why and their support is the worst EVER, I did look through the FAQ and the reason is probably that im not verified yet. I usually verify my identity before getting ‘committed’ with a casino, I tried with paddypower and they wouldnt accept my National ID as verification, since i dont have a drivers license and my passport is outdated i can’t play on paddypower (i should add every other casino in the world accepts national ID’s)

    I dont know the reason I made this post, but its probably just to vent. Also if you dont have a passport dont bother with paddypower, Im pretty sure they dont accept drivers license either.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,352
    El Bandito

    Well yeah that sucks mate, surely they have to accept a drivers licence with it being a pretty official form of ID. Madness, i have seen a lot of casinos do accept the national ID jobby too, they’ve all gone a bit touchy haven’t they.

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