One of those days whos had one!

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    Smgxking WANTED $8

    Put in £350 to videoslots last night and well what can i say it was absolutely shit worst session i every had was playing on 20-40-50p spins and every game was shit id hit a bonus get like 10x i had a 4 hour session biggest win i had was 90x ? in the end got bored went over to captain on £1 spins with £100 left hit the bonus after 84 spins which yes is a shock in its own aspect haha and yes u guessed it 10 spins and payed 11x i had to log out after that i know we all have bad games but for every game to be shit come on like i must of played 20 games giving each one 300/400 spins before i fucked it off

    Alinr6 WANTED $5

    The only games I play regular are Danger and LilDevil for the last 6 months on small stake.

    I don’t know if is just in my head but before I start a session I clean the history and the web cache.

    8/10 I get a bonus on Danger in the first 100 spins on 0.20£. After I get 2-3 I leave the game for 24h.

    Tricardo WANTED $12

    I feel your pain…just posted a similar topic before seeing yours. Feels like a horror show slotting lately – 100x wins have completely vanished. You should attempt some abstinence from them like I’m gonna try.

    Smgxking WANTED $8

    think we all have them just stuck 200 in tonight playing book games only and i doubled my money within a hour 800x on magic mirror helped but guess thats just gambling good and bad days buy as for the X wins they defo alot worse now then before

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    on videoslot is not easy to get good win you need to be super lucky to hit over 500x,for me videoslot was all time bad luck

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