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    tkr840 WANTED $3

    Please take a read, and learn from my mistakes!


    My fall began about 4 months ago, when I’ve signed up for BC Game. At the begging it was fun, it always is. Sometimes you win & sometimes you lose. Unfortunetly, but not suprisingly as house always wins, I’ve started taking losses. Even worse I’ve started chasing them. At this point I’ve decided to self-exlude – as it’s the best options, don’t think about it twice if you’ve got a problem, in the long term you’ll thank yourself. Unfortunetly for me, having a great loss wasn’t enough. I’ve wondered what would happen if I created an account with another e-mail with BC. Normaly this wouldn’t work,however this is not a standard everyday licensed casino.. It worked, and so my new low in life has begun. The cycle of closing and few days later opening new accounts… I couldn’t stop myself from playing(and there was no tool to help me with it), I was hypnotised to make up what I’ve lost. Last month I’ve decided that I have to stop and get a hold of myself. Today again I’ve had a relapse and lost about £400, which I really couldn’t. Please think twice before gambling! Before losing more that you can afford to ! To conclude, I’ve ended up 1.Spending all spare cash 2.Overdrawing my Credit Card by – £2700 Debit Card – £1500 and last but not least took out a loan of just over £6000. All of this won’t be paint up until August of 2025. At this moment I have to borrow money to get by and for the next 2 years, any left overs from my salary will go to the bank. I’m actually thiking about the possibly of  declaring a personal bankruptcy, as I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with all this.   ONCE AGAIN,think twice before spending more then you can afford.Also, UK Licensed Casinos give you better player procetion!

    At last I take full responsibility, at the end these were my actions – no one forced me to do it!

    Any advice on how to pernamently block my access to this website?

    Xbobmad WANTED $727

    Your internet provider can help you block websites on your router, and your phone provider can help you block websites via mobile, but at the end of the day if you’re excluding then making new accounts with different emails the chances are these methods won’t work.

    Please, just at least consider using the NHS gambling addiction services


    You’ve got this 👊

    Slot WANTED $31

    even you bank can help you block all gambling or websites crypto spending

    Bamboozler WANTED $23

    The bottom line here is that Crypto casinos have no legal obligation to treat you fairly or act responsibly towards you.

    You could lose every penny you have without ever receiving the support that you may have needed. The flipside being that if you win big you can be excluded and funds could be retained on the basis of being a UK player.

    The crypto casinos thus have a huge edge over players and are too risky to play. Bandit is ok when playing there as they would be too scared to maltreat him as he could trash their brand in a heartbeat – poor mug punter though would be an altogether different thing.

    Self exclude by any and all means availaible to you and take all the help you can get to rid yourself of this addiction. I wish you well and hope you get things sorted


    tkr840 WANTED $3

    Day after day, the idea of what I have done, and how it will aftect me in the short & long term is becoming more and more surreal and more real.The regret and stress coresponding to debt,lack of funds and having to make ends meet, hopefully will be a lesson which I’ll never forget.


    Few days ago,I’ve sent an e-mail to my bank and received some further help. Just a precaution,in case my “stronged” willed mind of mine, will fail me again.



    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Hi @tkr840. I’ve been where you are, you are by no means alone.

    The link that Xbob provided is great, plenty of advice on there. Including / in addition, make sure to join Gamstop, remove or block all of your crypto accounts, and self-exclude from all crypto casinos. I know it might sound crazy at first, but Gamblers Anonymous is actually brilliant if you feel there’s even a chance you might slip back into bad habits. Try it once, there’s no harm, and there’s no obligation to go back if it’s not for you. There’s no judgement there.

    Link: https://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/

    You can work with StepChange to manage your debts, you shouldn’t need to consider bankruptcy. They can help get you onto a debt management plan, and help you through the process. Just don’t borrow any more, it’ll always go the same way.

    Link: https://www.stepchange.org/

    Feel free to reach out to me. All the best.

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