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    Kthgn WANTED $1

    Ninecasino has a variety of games, a lot of the pragmatic fan favorites, the biggest issue is when it comes to withdrawing.

    They are able to accept my money right away, but when I try to withdraw cause I won more than what I deposited, they left it pending. Its been pending for almost 2 weeks now with no sight of my money coming to my account. Their support team is unhelpful and just constantly says “we will forward this to the correct department”. My kyc was completed with no issue, I asked if there was anything on my account preventing the withdraw and they said no and that my account should be good to withdraw.

    I believe that either they don’t have the actual bankroll for my withdraw or this is their weird tactic to get people to cancel the withdrawals and gamble it all. I’m not the only person with this issue with tons of reviews saying the exact same thing I am.

    Any positive review of the site seem to be copy and pasted from other review sites and all seem robotic.

    Anyone else have any experience with this site?

    (I’m also located in Ontario Canada just to give some context to location)

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    ninecasino are 💩 a lot of other gamblers have the same problem

    on other forums, they having the same problems with ninecasino

    is a streamer called slotspinner promoting ninecasino maybe he can help you get your money, you can find him on twitter or youtube




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)