New BTG royal mint

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    Muir2186 WANTED $18

    Bonanza/opal fruits with heartstopper feature 😱 how long till el bandito is grinding the beaver off this on purple note spins 😂 ps live stream was great even though you took a tanking, fk reel king off rigged to fk

    Malkychamp WANTED $445

    Is the game live? Not seen it anywhere

    GameRoom WANTED $14

    is live only at Leovegas for now,Royal Mint Megaways™ will be exclusively live on Leo Vegas Casino’s from 12/02/2020 and all BTG casino partners from 26/02/2020

    Chipmonkez play 2day


    TheSchwad WANTED $17

    I built-up the heartstopper feature earlier, seems like a decent game, though was a little disappointed with the end result (don’t like saying the word but that had ‘Potential’). Skip to 17 minutes if you don’t want to see the 7 bonuses building it up.

    Seems as kind on the balance as Bonanza (unless I got lucky), will try again on a bigger stake.

    Please don’t judge the editing, I have no skills and free software 😂.

    Lanny WANTED $18


    Bamboozler WANTED $5

    This game looks awful with really bad music and the dreaded collect 40 teases before the “big” bonus. Personally I loved Bonanza the first time i played it because it was so different and hats off to BTG for it however their latest games are just too samey and boring.

    I have never even played the monopoly megaways as it is tiresome even on a stream to watch and the Kingmaker slot looks almost exacttly as dull. Lil Devil does at least look interesting.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)