My great session today

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    Tomathius WANTED $4

    I really wish I screenshotted some of my wins but I find it hard on my iPad.


    I started a session on Videoslots and got £10 bonus. I began on scruffy duck as I was in the mood for some pick bonuses, I’m on 0.25p stake and I get the bonus early on. This leads to me picking the 3x multiplier duck and I wasn’t expecting much but to my surprise I end up winning around £60 from it. I withdrew £45 of it and carried on with the rest.


    I then choose to play secret of the stones and get a million teases as usual and finally get the bonus. I choose some rocks and ended up with 16 spins and a wild red. This wasn’t the best setup but I ended up with another £60 (45 profit from the 15 left) I then withdrew another 45 putting me to a total of £90 withdrawn from a £10.


    I have got nore to this but dont know if I am writing for no one to read. So let me know if you want me to continue.



    it only gets better


    Biohazard WANTED $675

    I’m listening 😉

    Kingpab WANTED $149

    Me too , carry on please

    SammySalami WANTED $2

    Yeah keep going for sure 😀

    Love getting those nice surprise hits.

    Retroloser WANTED $21

    Ya man keep her lit

    Mannydcfc WANTED $2

    I signed up to Mr Green today and have withdrawn £1900 from a £200 deposit.


    Included in that was a £40 Danger feature with 4 scatters which went for £1300ish, with £800 being the trigger! Absolutely gutted! I picked High Voltage side and had the wild on at least 10/15 spins but on like reels 3 and 4 paying fuck all!


    Ive never done stakes like that before but I was hoping for a steady base win from 10 spins, shit or bust really, and the thrill of max stake is something I’ll probably never experience again. But yeah, wounded!

    Tomathius WANTED $4

    That’s ace mate! Congrats! It’s so lovely to win from a “small” deposit! Keep it up!

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    I’ve had a good run mostly on Bonanza last few days; 7 bonuses in one session! A few duffers but also one 600xer and 3 times in the last week I’ve withdrawn between £100-300 off £10 deposits.

    Tomathius WANTED $4

    Okay so I shall carry on, so after Gandalf I decided to give golden fishtank a little try as I was still in the mood to play pick games. With my final £15 I played on 25p stake as I had the golden bet activated. On my second tease I got the free spins in and got to pick 4.

    With my picks I ended up picking a sticky wild on reel 4, sticky wild on reel 2, two wilds floating about, and a stacked green fish. This was a very awesome setup and boom another big win with £50.


    This put my total up to £60 and I withdrew £45 leaving me with £15.


    I played on deep blue next keeping with the theme and this has started to become my new favourite game. (25p on this one) I get the bonus after only spending about £7 and ended up with a 10x multiplier and 17~ spins.

    BOOM! Stacks of the wild on the very first spin sorting my bonus out the rest of the bonus was just mediocre with little wins with wilds but not as good as my first spin.

    This ended me up with £70 and at this point I’m buzzing! I withdraw another £50 and move on!!


    I shall carry this on tomorrow as there is still more to my story! Hope you enjoy!



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