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    joe310 WANTED $1

    So do you have to wager your own money before you get the matched bonus seems a but unfair deposited 20 and was told you have to wager 700 before I got it of my own money

    Damo WANTED $38

    The bonus deal that Joe public (pun intended) get is different to what streamers are getting currently. If you get a bonus in VS or Mr Vegas you must wager 10% of total wager to release 10% of the bonus money. I.e you deposit £100 with 100% matched with a 35x wager, you need to wager £350 to release £10 of real money. Hope this makes sense.


    Slot WANTED $25

    if you want to withdraw yes you can withdraw at any time, you just go to My Profile My bonus and cancel bonus

    farahtrousers WANTED $20

    joe310 wrote:

    a but unfair


    The devil WANTED $76

    Honestly sites are getting worse nowadays I’m currently going through a load of shit with a casino called duelz, had no issues for a long long time but when it’s come to the point I’ve won a good amount of money they want a blood test, piss test, picture of my cock and arsehole, it’s a disgrace, bear in mind I’ve already been fully verified in the past and had no issues, I’m sending document after document some I’m not very comfortable in sending to be honest because it’s getting beyond a joke but I want the money I’m owed, got to say I don’t have many sites I use much anymore because of this pure BS so I’m ready to fuck casinos off after this gets sorted if it ever does, I’m being fully compliant and once I send everything they ask for, they start again, I don’t mind they have certain things that need verifying but when it gets ridiculous I just really cba I’m hopeful I will still get my money but I will never use them again after this, scandalous bunch of clowns!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)