Mr Green withdrawal fee refund thread.

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    The Bandit WANTED $5,362
    El Bandito

    Ok, so Mr Green has withdrawal fees. I do not agree with that and therefore offer to refund any of my players their withdrawal fee. This isn’t something i am doing for every single Mr Green player, you are going to have to have signed up through my link, i think that is fair enough isn’t it. I will provide one free withdrawal per day in the way of a bank transfer for the fee amount once the following criteria has been met.


    1. I need your account ID. You need to email this to me at [email protected], you can find it by logging in to your Mr Green account and clicking the little Mr Green icon in the top right corner of the page – it is then a number written at the top. I need this to verify you are affiliated to me.

    2. Along with the ID, please send me a screenshot of your withdrawal – it needs to show the fee amount ideally, if that isn’t possible i will just have to work backwards and work it out, but please include the exact amount of the fee that you believe you have been charged. If payment of the fee is to be sent to yourself, please include your payment details at this point, sort code and account number plus the name on your account will suffice. Iban and swift if you are not in the UK.

    3. Please give clear instruction if like many other people, you would rather your fee was donated to a charity. Any charity fees will be collected together through the month and then a suggestion thread with a total will be opened each month for everyone to vote on where it goes.

    4. Please remember, this is something offered by me personally, Mr Green does not offer this. Your withdrawal will be subject to the usual fees at the withdrawal point on Mr Greens website, your fee will be returned to you by bank transfer from myself after the above has taken place. Verification is likely to take a couple of days so please don’t break my balls about it, if you used the link, the fee will be returned, simple as that.



    Retroloser WANTED $21

    Im with you on this had a account for a small time with these shut down it as soon as i coped the withdraw fee madness to charge to get your money out ,good man stumping up cash for the fee ,love the vids


    keepsake WANTED $5

    I was in and out of Mr Green within 24 hours. A fee to withdrawal winnings is a crime. And should be outlawed.

    buckybalz WANTED $8

    To be honest I dropped Mr Green like a hot shitty stone a while ago – Now I’m not bonus sign-up whore, but they would not honour their deposit match bonus to me – So my thoughts were – if they cheat me out of free money; what will they be like with real money !

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