Mining pots of gold slot

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    Richman WANTED $2

    Hi all has anyone played Mining pots of gold slot I’ve been on £1 spins and maxed out the bonus prize mulitipler and spins it has had nearly a thousand pounds and still not exploded any ideas of how much more it will take and what sort of prize I should expect seen afew on you tube winning small amounts then big daddy hitting jackpot has anyone won on it

    Jperfecto WANTED $1

    I did approximately £80 of 20p spins to get the bonus, I maxed out all but the multiplier and come away with £45.21.Never playing it again, nightmare of a machine! Good luck! and happy spinning!

    Galey08 WANTED $1

    I have had a couple of good wins on it at 60 / 80 p . I’d imagine with it all maxed it would be a half decent bonus but can’t see it going close to £1000. Good luck though

    Dubbokid WANTED $2

    It’s a pretty crappy slot in my view – lately you get free spins on Will Hill from their bonus drop feature.  I prefer the fishing pots of gold which at least bonuses more often and can pay more often in the base game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)