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    Lionheart WANTED $2

    quick question.


    I joined my green through your link, I’m wanting to know if I leave the site or self exclude will I still be involved in the prize draw.


    Reason being is because I know it’s prob just bad luck but I’ve never in my life had such a terrible run on the slots.


    Ive so far deposited £610 all between £20-£60 deposits each time. Been playing between £0.40p-0.80p on games such as goonies, King Kong cash, book of dead, ted, and loads of other common slots.

    Move probably had 4/5 bonus’s none of which went past 10x, the random features shave been paying about 64p on a regular basis and even when I’ve tried being a bit safe and banging a tenner in number 1 on dream catcher number fucking 40 comes in ???


    im on my worst run on slots ever. Not had a win over 50x for about 5 grand so think am gonna kick it all to the kerb or I’ll end up doing my bollocks on lol


    you must have taken everyone’s luck with the run your on haha. Long may it continue tho, loving the videos and some of your wins have been amazing.


    Ps if anyone else knows the answer lemme know coz would rather leave as soon as possible before depositing more

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    My guess would be that if you were to win, if you self excluded you’d not get recognised on the system because the bandit has to check with them that you signed up through his link?

    Best off putting a £10 max deposit on for the next few weeks then getting rid after the draw has been made!

    Lionheart WANTED $2

    Yeah good idea, or think I can take a break for 30 days or something like that.


    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Hi mate, do what you feel is correct for yourself, if that is self excluding then self exclude it. Before you do so, screen shot your player ID which you will find by logging in and then clicking on the little Mr Green icon in the top right, it is then a number in the top section of that pop up – that is the verification number i will send when the draw winners are drawn, if you come out as a winner, you will get your prize providing they say that you used the link and played in the given prize draw month, both of which you will have satisfied.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    If I hadn’t already signed up to Mr green .I would just for the prize draw .just put 20 pound a month in . It’s worth it just to be in with that chance .

    Lionheart WANTED $2

    I’ll defo have to take you photos of proof just in case coz just got from £250 to 1.5k but because of shit stream I did my bollocks in.


    I meed to to walk away whilst I can.



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