Lord Bandit, Do certain casinos just hate you?

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    This is open really to anyone.  I have been watching far too many videos of the Good Lord Bandit (I can hear him say piss off for saying that) and in one of his videos he was talking about how some casinos wanted more proof of whom he is because of either huge wins or losses (why they care if you lose is beyond me, they are still get theirs) and I was wondering if any of the casinos he has won big on like Video Slots hate him/you for figuring out how to beat slots lime Reel King and its Bastard Ladder?

    If so, does it make you a little more into crushing that casino and taking more of its glorious money?

    No matter what, hope the family is good, in this time, people matter more than some might think.  Peace!

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    My heart sinks a little when I read questions like this.

    First off, with a hundred employees and probably tens of thousands of customers over the course of a year, it’s unlikely that any employee would take personal umbrage at any individual winning chunks regularly. Steve may be some £600k up on Real King (over various sites) but the annual turnover of these companies is likely several orders of magnitude more than this. Really small change… no bugger will care.

    But more importantly to your post, he hasn’t found a way to ‘beat’ the slot. His approach is high reward but correspondingly high risk. He may win loads one day but lose massively the next. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that if he were to carry on playing the same way too regularly over a long period, he would end up giving all his winnings back to the casino and more. The casinos know this and will want him to carry on playing.

    My issue with your question is that if people think they have an edge over the casino, they are mistaken and will end up losing what they can’t afford. So, keep your head screwed on.

    I accept that very occasionally a game can be released which exposes the casino to more risk than it intended. The Street Fighter slot was withdrawn only a week after release, when it was discovered players could manipulate their bet size according to the state of the game. But this is a very rare and exceptional circumstance.


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    Ah no way street fighter had a “cheat code”??? missed that …. played it once and walked away shaking my head…. might have been more interesting

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