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    jafa_racing WANTED $2

    hi i am ian and i’m in new zealand. was trolling a couple of sites aftering watching the bandits videos for the last 3 days,very enjoyable.

    i came across this slot leaders of the free spin world.i played on demo for about a hour,pretty strapped for cash but i will be playing for real once in better position.

    i think it is a run game. don’t know what others think about.

    Dune2000 WANTED $202

    Its made by Inspired Gaming and if its anything like the god awful Centurion game they make I personally would steer clear of it.   It says it is medium variance on the site I looked at, where the reviewer also stated that it was a shite slot with no imagination.

    Thats purely my view on it based upon the fact it seems along the lines of Centurion, which to my mind is a dog shit game, others may have a different view



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)