Just wanted to raise some issues and ask a few questions about 500 Casino

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    Hey guys,

    Hope you’re all doing great. Hopefully the Bandit himself can take a look at this as I think it’s important.

    Firstly I think that crypto casinos can be a great way forward for those of us who like to play without overwhelming restrictions like we are seeing in the UK today.

    But there are a few issues with 500 Casino that I think people should be aware of and I would expect that Steven maybe isn’t aware of this issues as I would think he is very interested in his audiences safety.

    I just made an account there to check it out and I read the terms as I always do, especially with crypto brands.

    Sadly I deposited £100 before I read the terms. Silly me, I wish I hadn’t.

    It seems that they are very specific about not allowing players in the UK to withdraw any decent amount of funds.

    Here’s why it seems that way. I’ll quote a few things from their terms here.

    “In case of a large or abnormal win, players sometimes can be subjected to a thorough investigation by the games provider in order to confirm the validity of the win and compliance with the Terms of Service”


    “500 Casino reserves the right to ask for any KYC documentation it deems necessary in order to determine the identity, age and location of a User”


    All casino games are restricted in the United Kingdom.

    I know these terms look very standard. But taken together with the “large or abnormal win” clause, then it seems very likely that if you win big on this casino they will call you out on being in the UK and using a VPN so that they don’t have to pay you.

    And so in order to dig a little deeper I checked out Truspilot UK and low and behold… they are doing exactly that.

    of 747 reviews.  11% of those are people explaining that their money has been stolen.

    So all in all I would say take these things in to account before playing here.  I can’t say that you will have this experience, I really don’t know. Maybe the bandit knows something I don’t that makes this a non issue. I hope so.

    Just please keep in mind. If you have a big win here. The chances of you actually receiving the money are not 100%… probably very far from 100%.

    To the Bandit – If you do see this, please know I mean no ill will to you. I think you’re videos are great and I enjoy watching. I just think there’s maybe an oversight here with this brand and I’d hate to see people losing out on their big wins because of it. Hope I’m wrong.

    All the best


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