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    olswigvii WANTED $7

    Hey everyone,


    Well this is my first post here but I’ve bee on the forums for a while and subscribed for years…

    I just wanted to share a feel good story I had today.


    So I won’t waffle on too much but a little back story I’ve been doing a few cheeky gamble sessions strictly online (as I absolutely detest FOBT’s) on and off for a few years now( started when I was 27 I’m now 30), had a few nice wins(£3,200 with JackpotJoy), had some losses, you know how it is.. and well I got myself in a pickle a few years ago, I was between jobs and used credit cards to get myself by and the such and I built up a little over £6k of debt. Now I’ve been paying it off gradually with a DMP and well after excluding myself from gambling for the last 6 months to concentrate on being mature and paying off my debt, I thought I deserve a little flutter, so I used some of my tips from work (I’m a sous chef and Christmas is tip heaven haha!) So I put the money in my bank yesterday and put £150 on VideoSlots earlier this morning…


    So I was having a few wins up and down, change the stake from 20p to £1 then £1 to £2 and just gradually raised and lowered and eventually got to around £650 and I was like woah awesome! So I decided I would take £500 as my bottom line and enjoy the money… well I had 5 free spins on the game Wolf Gold I thought I may aswell use them!


    Now I’ve never even played this game or any pragmatic game and was like okay I got a scatter bonus for £25 on 20p stake so I gave it a bash on £2 spins got a few bonuses and really enjoyed it, now I don’t know why but I thought I’d do the last £50 on £5 spins and on the last spin, I got a scatter bonus… 5 free spins uhh ohh! My heart was absolutely pounding! Now I was a little anxious as I previously had 2 x £0.00 win bonuses so I went in with not much “hope” the first spin rolls in, it’s the big bull in the middle and it matches me on the left with 1 bull I was like sweet! IT BLEW THE BLOODY DOORS OFF! £400 rolled in I was astounded never ever have I had a single spin win so much! second and third spins and nothing fourth I got a cheeky £60 from some King’s then the last spin! Bull lands in the middle and it matches me a wolf on the left and a bull on the right in 2 positions KABOOM! £1,200 I literally jumped up ran around my flat like a crazed lunatic, woke my misses up(couldn’t give a rat’s arse, I’ll take her out for dinner) I was absolutely buzzing! The absolutel excitement was unreal, so after calming down a doing a few more £5 spins and getting some cheeky win I eventually withdraw a whopping… £2,180. I just sat staring at the laptop… thoughts going through my head, what to treat myself too? I mean I work damn hard and Christmas as a chef is no joke I’m telling you 60/70 hour weeks, working 7am-7pm Christmas day… a lot of sacrifices… and I thought.. yeah buying this and that would be great but… I had £1,400 odd left on my DMP so today, I called them if I can settle my account.


    So next Friday when the money clears I will officially be debt free! I cannot believe how happy I am, I will finally be debt free, and have £800 left over (£650 profit.)


    To take away any temptation I’ve set my only gambling account with Video Slots to £25 a month  as it would be too tempting to test my luck and end up loosing the lot and I’m sure a lot of you would agree happens all too easily…


    Sorry for rambling on I just wanted to share a good news story and show good things can happen!


    Also I just want to add Keep up the amazing videos Steve, you’re genuinely the nicest guy going! And your competitions are fantastic! I think after seeing you’re latest video I will buy a copy/donate moeny to the CALM single and pass on the good Karam.


    Peace out 🙂

    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $131

    Good on ya fella! It’ll feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and all your wages will be yours at last!

    3 things to remember I’d say:

    1) don’t think that because you’ve hit big that it will happen regularly.

    2) remember how hard it was to climb out of the 6k hole and dont let yourself get back in a situation like that

    And 3) don’t forget to take the missus out for a slap up meal! 😉

    Chuffed for you buddy. Well done 👍

    olswigvii WANTED $7

    It was probably the best feeling aside from the £3,200 (went to Majorca for 2 weeks) but I’ve booked a table at a AA rosette place near me for next week and got some flowers on order from interflora! Haha, she’ll appreciate that and me waking her up early before she went to work! 🙂 and I can’t believe the amount of typo’s in my initial post, I was just super excited!


    Thanks for the kind words sir, I think I’m done with gambling for a while. What a buzz 🙂

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Great isn’t it, when you hit something worth cashing out. Enjoy the freedom now and if I were you, leave the VS on 25pm. That way you can have a well earned flutter once a month and if anything happens, you’re never chasing like crazy and you might get some good play time and maybe a decent cash out again. I battered myself recently on ladsbroke and it hit me hard, like a kick in the nuts and then having them trodden on repeatedly for a week to ease the pain. but I’ve had big wins before, from 1k to over 6k so with a noose around the play amount, the focus hopefully stays where it should be, on having a flutter and not being a nutter.


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