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    Yagi WANTED $1

    over the last 3 years these 2 slots are the only ones that give me cashouts but you have to respect how they play.

    JATB – just play 100 spins for the first bonus, once that’s done try another 50 as they can cluster.

    ive had 3700x 2300x 750x and the rest tiddlers over the year. Never grind it as the bonus can be hard.

    love to see bandit hit 4 Harps!

    So, Book Of Dead.

    This can rip your balance as when a bonus doesn’t want to drop it can go for hundreds of spins.

    now when it does bonus, and you’re lucky it hasn’t taken many spins, this bonus clusters like mad and can easily give you 3, 4 or 5 in a 20 to 30 spins spaces. So always try 30 to 50 spins after your first or second bonus.

    other wise if after 100 spins it’s dead, always leave.

    so bandit, always try 30 spins or so after the bonus and you’ll be surprised at how often a new bonus comes in straight after… more often than not.

    other slots I never leave up on but still enjoy chasing a DOA wildline of 5 scatter đŸ˜‰

    Obviously all my opinions but    Something I’ve noticed over the years.

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    “Never leave a hot slot” is a mantra for many gamblers and I suspect most of us will give a slot some number of spins after a feature in the hope of a double-drop. And it does occasionally happen; Captain Venture is one of my favourite games and once I hit three back-to-back bonuses on three consecutive spins. I’ve also had it drop in the bonus on the very first spin more than once, but of course it can also go hundreds of spins without paying it.

    But here’s the big point; if there’s one thing we gamblers love to do during play, it’s see patterns in what are actually entirely random results. The spins on any slot are separate games with separate random results and while games are set up with different frequencies and average pays of features, if you get 3 bonuses in the space 20 spins, that is entirely coincidental good fortune, it is emphatically not because the slot is “hot”, “in a good mood” or whatever attributes we gamblers ascribe to it.

    Book of Dead can sometimes go over 500 spins without bonusing, sometimes you’ll hit in the first 10. But what happens is when you see a bonus drop, then another one 20 spins later and then say a month later, a similar thing occurs again, you remember that and you don’t remember all the times you got one bonus and then it didn’t bring it again for another 150 spins. So you start to think you’re seeing a pattern in how it plays. It’s just confirmation bias.

    Yagi WANTED $1

    I totally agree. We humans love patterns and our brains are designed to be like this. I guess unlike independant spins we persist state in our memories so it’s very hard not notice so called patterns.

    still, I would love to see steve hit those Harps hard and put the onion head to bed!

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