Jackpots – Are some real and some fake?

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    wondersie WANTED $17

    Okay so the reason I ask this is mainly because…..

    Usually if jackpots are real, theres usually evidence of people winning. Screenshots, YouTube videos etc, I’ve seen them for hall of gods and also divine fortune

    Yet there’s literally no evidence I’ve found for Mega Fortune, nor Mega Fortune Dreams – and I’m talking about even the smaller jackpots. Looks sketchy to me!


    What do you think? What jackpots have you seen evidence of dropping?

    The Bandit WANTED $5,374
    El Bandito

    I think i may have seen a picture or replay of someone getting one of those mega millions ones, until very recently i thought those ones on games like Genie Jackpots etc were bullshit as i had never seen or heard of anyone getting one but then recently, someone popped up with a pic lol!

    wondersie WANTED $17

    Theres only 1 Mega Fortune jackpot video on youtube, its for the top prize and its on the “mega fortune” own channel lol. The jackpot games on blueprints are pretty good though because atleast they usually give decent x wins even if theres no jackpot. Have you had many jackpot screenshots submitted? I saw one of divine fortune (even even had the lower and medium jackpots myself). You get so many screenshots its hard to keep up haha

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    They are real, but not all of them.


    The NetEnt ones and Microgaming (MegaJackpots, MEgaMoolah) are 100% genuine. They drop often to the largest volume areas of players (Sweden) for those games. And often Micro go in Asia due to their market presence.


    HOWEVER – RTG slots (RealTimeGaming) and those casinos are dodgy. Their Jackpots regularly drop to people on max cashout bonuses (I won one myself) and to those on free spin deposit offers. There was proof of this 6 years ago but they may have changed now, still… I would never play there.

    Jackpots drop less likely than you win the lottery, unless you play high high stakes, then its just slightly less than winning lottery 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)