I’ve Just been robbed!

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    Damo WANTED $41

    Now i know slots can be harsh at times and I’ve had my fair share of shit bonuses but what the actual fuck is this! Im low rolling on 20p but still.. cmon Bonanza!

    Ontheroad39 WANTED $5

    This really sucks i know. A near zero bonus. To speak like the bandit, SHIT programming whats the point!!!

    Winningbird WANTED $574

    I hate it when that happens.. all the grinding for bugger all. Hope your next one is better.

    jamestoni WANTED $7

    i got a zero on it last week fucking joke

    StuartK91 WANTED $27

    Played this yesterday bonused within 15 spins on 80p and won 76p. Now i know why i dont play it.

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Big Time Gaming are a cancerous company. Ive spent over 6 hours on Bonanza with no bonus numerous times.

    Damo WANTED $41

    closely followed by this.. Ever get the feeling today isn’t your day! lol

    Damo WANTED $41

    @winningbird  Tell me about it.. about 500 spins i reckon 🙁

    OMDItsShaun WANTED $2

    This is Bonanza all over! Hours of grinding this slot on what ever stake for a piss all bonus! Not even 1X! I have been playing Bonanza for months on this same stake to hopefully have a 1000x. I know I’m hoping for a miracle… maybe I’ll have more chance winning the lottery! Like the Bandit says, shit programming. I would rather not have the bonus! I’ll never forget the time I put through 340 pound on 20p stake to get the bonus with a plus 5. Didn’t pay me 1p! A 0x bonus.. maybe it’s time to move to a different slot? Lol… who what’s to be a millionair. Give that a go!?

    sairbearprincess WANTED $1

    It happened to me on Cops and Robbers too! I think a bonus should have a minimum win!

    Iggmeister WANTED $2

    thats brutal lol

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)