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    Golden Jiblet WANTED $1

    Aight, I found intro channel so here goes!

    I’m a gambling addict and Bandit-video appreciator from Finland. I enjoy playing slots and casino games at reasonably low stakes (under 1€ a spin) but when I get drunk on the weekend I might blow a few months salary at one night. I’m very happy I found Bandit’s channel because he seems very genuine and has good taste of humour. It also helps with my own gambling to see all the shitty bonuses along with profitable ones. (lots of casino channels only display huge win highlights which often gives unrealistic expectations to viewers)

    I like slots that are reasonably easy to follow and has positive and joyful symbols like fruits or cute animals. Game sounds and music is also a big part of the overall experience. My favourite game provider is probably hacksaw since they have lots of games that fit into my description of “fun game to play” and I also play their games the most I believe. My biggest win so far was when I landed 5 VS-symbols on wanted’s base game and it went for 10k+, but overall in the long period I’m sure that I’m down at least that much. Which is fine since since gambling is entertainment that you pay for after all.

    That about it. Still getting used to the site and honestly I don’t know how active these forums are but maybe I’ll post some comments here and there. See ya around!

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