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    Matty15602 WANTED $6

    This slot… disgusted doesn’t even start to cover it. I’ve been hitting this game hard the past week. I’ve counted every bonus as I’ve collected them. I’ve had 94 bonuses, and the highest payout on 30p stake has been around the £14 mark. Not even 50x in 94 bonuses. I’ve had 3 Mild Desires, two one-reels both going for 15p and one going for around £9, 30x. All of the Sarah bonuses haven’t given a single wild vine in 25 spins.

    Has this game always been this bad? I honestly am questioning whether or not ask the UKGC to investigate this slot. Appalling. There’s volatile, and then there’s shit. San Quentin has 150,000x potential, and gives good bonuses fairly often.

    TheSchwad WANTED $20

    I had the same issue the other day, was playing 30p and it waxed through £293 (almost 1000x stake) with one bonus to show for it. I know games can go cold and not hit a bonus for 1000’s of spins (thought think bonus frequency is around 170 spins on this, or used to be before they ‘Remastered’ it) but it was the way the base played that really shocked me, gave one 5 OAK Premium Symbol win in all those spins (normally gives them quite frequently) and 2 Wild Desires, which is terrible. I was playing the 96.8% version as well, so expected better. At least you’re hitting bonuses, even though they’re shit.

    I’d previously stayed away from the high volatility games as I like to get some playtime, but the low-medium volatility favourites have been playing like Extreme Volatility lately so thought screw it and started playing Mental, I was pleasantly surprised, it takes money for fun between bonuses but at least I could get bonuses, and had quite a few 500x+ base game hits.


    The devil WANTED $76

    Funny enough I had 4 back to back bonuses on this game once haven’t played it since because every bonus was utter wank, thought I’d broke the game after the 3rd bonus

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)