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    zeroRTP WANTED $2

    Why am I here is a good a question to answer I am guessing,

    I am a Gambler! I love to gamble, I really love to gamble…..

    But I am a private gambler and I would wish that to change, to be honest! I do not mean that nobody knows that I gamble in my life as they do! it is just something that I tend to do alone and I have kind of got bored of that now.

    I have gambled since I was old enough to have something to gamble with and I guess that was my lunch money at school   and that was a long time ago now

    I have a deep Knowledge and understanding of all types of Gambling and would like to maybe chat with people that have the same, hopefully, learn something new along the way. If I tell my Mrs that I have just hit a 3000x multiplier on Jammin Jars her response is likely to be “did you break it? You better clean it up before the Cat cuts its paw”

    Anyway “Hello” and look forward to chatting, getting involved and sharing some of my ups and downs as well as listening and contributing to yours.

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Welcome to the forum mate plenty to talk about here ?

    keykeythe1 WANTED $20

    loo, very good intro, i can also empathise with what  you said….. enjoy the forum. key

    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Welcome pal! May the slot gods be with you!!! ??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)