How to stop… Sort of!

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    Taylor2597 WANTED $1

    Anyone have any remedies on how to come to limit yourself? I enjoy gambling but become compulsive (9k debt for a 21 year old isn’t good) but part of me wants to stop. But then it’s something I enjoy. I’m under GamStop now so only access is Fobt’s which are just a killer (wish I didn’t do the gamstop) deposit limits don’t work as you can just reverse it yourself!

    Seedy WANTED $824

    Hi mate if i was you should exclude from the bookies as if your going to them to just play slots its not good. I enjoy playing myself znd betting but i only have access to an account where money is put in for me by the wife so i don’t do my brains chasing a bonus or big win lol and it works well for me maybe it could for you.

    blacko1974 WANTED $247

    9k debt is a fair bit for a young lad, don’t want it getting any bigger a’s you will have bigger responsibilities in a few years, Joining Gamstop was a good move mate! I still miss the slots myself but at least my debt is shrinking, the Fobts will be paperweights come next April. I can’t wait. Well done fella.

    idontknowwhoiam2k16 WANTED $6

    It might not work but give this a try (its worked for me previously) open an ISA where you have to give either a week or a months notice to withdraw money. Compulsive gambling is mainly on the spot, if you cant access the money you cant spend it. It won’t work with everyone though

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)