Hoarder X Ways Max Win – no bonus buy

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    Froliver WANTED $2

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the forum, hello!

    Managed a max win on Nolimit’s hoarder, link here:


    From the base game and its only taken me the sox or so years to get it.

    The casino I won it on are being total dicks about paying me though, I won on 2nd Jan and still waiting. Account verification apparently but I’ve been with them 6 years!

    Anyway, enjoy!

    Weemonk23 WANTED $7

    Wow. I love this game. Had good hits on it but always dreamt of a max win. Came in off 4 scatters as well. You must of known early doors it was going for one. There were like 11 or 12 spins left when you got to the wasteland.

    Fantastic hit my friend and from natural pay. You should submit the video to CasinoGrounds and get on one of their videos. If you withdrew the full amount then it will trip extra verification from the casino. I think over £3k they have to. They may want to check with the provider as well possibly but nearly a month is way too long to be waiting. Which casino is it?

    Froliver WANTED $2

    i did think something was up when the scatters kept landing, was sure I’d max winned it with about 7 spins left but I couldn’t remember whet the max win was so I was actually a bit gutted when it stopped at 4k. Greedy I know. Extra lucky as I normally play on 20p.

    It’s 888 and never had any problems before, they’re normally very good. Sure it’ll be fine, will be on here asking for advice if not!

    Dubbokid WANTED $2

    Nice one.  I live in hope of a similar win.  Most I’ve ever won on 40p stake was £800 on Ice Ice Yeti a few years ago.  I live in hope.

    Froliver WANTED $2

    It’ll happen Dubbokid! Nolimit site gives you the max win odds, hoarder is 14,000,000/1 apparently so you need time and luck

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $705

    you need to watch this one, he landed 4 scatters and got to the super game …mean what a dream ..

    with so many spins left tho you have to be  annoyed there is a max win because…6 more wins is so “ give me more” hardest part of max wins if you have spins remaining…

    goid hit tho… awesome

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)