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    P21turbo1 WANTED $1

    Hi ive been gambling for like 30yrs now mostly at arcades at the seaside.

    Skegvegas mainly until i started playing online.

    Had a few good hits but then someone told me to watch bandits jamming jars video on youtube.

    So i thought id have a go played at videoslots and managed to hit a 7k win pretty much first day i was on the site.

    Had a few more good wins learning from the bandits videos and played across mainly 4 online casinos.

    So i say a big thanks to bandit for educating us.

    Cheers paul

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Be careful, set deposit limits and don’t keep chasing new casinos when you hit deposit limits. Make sure you read any terms and conditions of any bonuses and don’t lose what you can’t afford to lose. Remember that it’s all random so there’s no system and they aren’t weighted based on previous play 👍

    P21turbo1 WANTED $1

    Hi thanks for the advice ive set deposit limits and time reminders already.

    Im a bit gutted the autoplay has gone but it has everywhere.

    Used to play a lot on 50p stake £1 stake set on 100 autos but not anymore.


    Skyden WANTED $5

    I love to watch people play but don’t do it myself  I’m to mean lol

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