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    Williever66 WANTED $4

    A little late for my intro, but you will see why!

    I’m Steve, from southern England. Been doing mostly slots since 3 foot 7 inches lol!

    Played all the old favourites in arcades since the 80’s, moved on from arcades in 2013 to full time online, as payouts seemed better.

    Had a fair run online, once having a huge win on my Sony Ericsson k800i, on a new moblie site. Played in £220 into a game , ending up on £4.50 a spin, got free spins and it kept on retriggering free spins. End total was £3850!

    The last couple of years have been quite a hard slog for decent wins, until now! The following is why I feel I can hold my head up, to say hello! As there really was nothing to report before today.

    Joined Video slots, popped in £20 for £20 match deposit. An hour later I cashed out £750!!! (THANK YOU BANDIT!) And what did I do next….DOHH!

    Lost over half it in a sports betting site the next day. A site I’ve continually got bugger all wins on in 4 months since joining it. So I’m around £1300 down with them. That was last week.

    Had an email from my credit card people about my weekly balance this morning. Logged in to see the damage and found they had reversed £900 in charges to me….YIPPEE! And I have no idea why!
    So yeah, put £70 into Video slots, nothing much doing, but was building slowly between some games. Gad previously done badly on Lil Devil, so I gave it another go. Start balance was £138 on 50p a spin. Had filled side hearts by 30%. Got 3 features before topping out the hearts. 1st was £10, 2nd was £12, 3rd was £42. Hearts full feature gave me 2 retriggers on left feature and I won a whopping £3,190 on 50p a spin!!!
    I cashed out about £2900.

    I revisted the sports bet site. Another £600 before any action, then WOW, another £3000+ win! cashed £2500 and kept playing. Another random game gave me £1950 on a £3 spin after doing £350 into it. Best day I’ve had in years!
    Just getting a little worried about the £2500 withdrawal on the betting site (a well known one). Withdrew before 11am today and still no sign of it at 9pm. Thought they paid out by 6pm? Also, theres nothing in the banking balance history on the site… Hmmm! Maybe bigger amounts need more verifying and theres the Covid thing too?

    I have a few favourite games. Love original Cleopatra, but its often tough. Wolf Run I usually do quite well on. Some of the Megaways are good. Loved Monkey Business in the arcades on £500 JP. Before it all went B3, it was so easy to know it was close to the 5 head feature, (average win was around £270, then £40 or so in spins later it would full screen the £500 JP. Had it nearly every week before b3 ruined it! Have played it online, but so hard to get 4 heads, let alone 5. Then it 9/10 it gives a rubbish win. Seen too many £60 wins on 5 heads!
    Always liked the scrolls feature on Reelking, but never really win on it.
    Well thats me till I pop up again with worthy wins mentions.

    Williever66 WANTED $4


    Sports bet site finally paid out £2500. From cashing out Friday morning, it took till Wednesday evening. Very slow by todays standards.

    Just waiting for another £450 withdrawal to hit my account, then maybe steer clear of that site for awhile!

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