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    zackvenox WANTED $1

    So I’ve seen your latest few videos where you’ve had trouble with the recording software 🙂
    The only issue is that your drive is clogged up with a bunch of bullshit you don’t need, which is always hard to find on it’s own.

    Download an app called WinDirStat and you can see every single folder in your drive and how much space it’s taking. Should make it easy to locate all the junk you have on there, and then you can simply delete it right in the app. is where you install it.
    Usually it’s the temp folder, it clogs up pretty heavily over time if you don’t clear it after a while.

    That should be it, you’re basically just wasting space and you can find out what it is through WinDirStat.

    (I’m terribly sorry if it’s not allowed etc. to link sites but I’m only trying to help him with his drives x) )

    WiggyOfStHelens WANTED $96

    Im wondering if he is recording his videos to his C drive….  Dave will nip round click save to D and then all will be sorted 😛

    binaryman WANTED $1

    To unclog your computer from all the huge piles of junk, I recommend Directory Report

    Run as an administrator so that you can see hidden files

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)