Hello there fellow slots enthusiasts!

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    Hulkeen WANTED $1

    Slightly odd to see a forum section to make an entire post about oneself but OH WELL, IM HERE ARN’T I!

    Names Jonas, i am pushing 30 solar SPINS (hah)
    i am Swedish.
    started playing slots give or take 4 years ago after i watched a friend of mine stream it for a bit.
    Favourite slot: Wheel Of Fortune Megaways.
    Biggest win: 3035X on Mental, regular bonus.
    got plenty of 1000-2500X wins under my belt but no really massive wins like, max wins etc. been close tho!
    Been watching bandit for years aswell ofc, was a bit sad when there was such a long drought and was a bit worried the man might have been lost to us forever but HE IS BACK AND IN FULL SWING. (if you find ur way here, cheers for the content sir, you are the #1)
    alright, enough glazing.

    Really like the slot community overall, im a big gamer IRL and ill have to say the slot community has been some of the nicest people ive met, always cheer eachother on, looking out for eachother making sure problem gamblers have somewhere to vent or also just cheer em on staying clean. lovely to see. cheers!

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