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    Cyaslots WANTED $4

    Hello. Maybe not the most normal introduction, but here we go.

    I’ve watched the Bandit for a very long time now, through ups and downs in my own life the videos were a thing that never failed to cheer me up a bit. Now, I’m a young guy. So the second i turned 18, I started gambling, had some amazing wins really. (3000x) and I was hooked. Impulsive, stupid, and without any willpower to stop myself, I gambled away everything I had the second I got paid, and then I started gambling money I didn’t have. I got depressed, gambling took over my life, and one day I called my mom crying and asked for help and forgiveness. She helped me more than i could have ever hoped for, and I feel that i’m on a good path now.

    For 6 months I’ve been paying of those bastardly payday loans, and for 3 months now I’ve been gamble free. Don’t get me wrong, I deserve to be paying off those debts, I’ve learned so much about addiction and myself throughout this several year long experience. I have a lot still to do, but I will be debt free in 2019.

    Anway, enough waffling. Thank you Bandit, thank you so fucking much. I don’t think you understand the degree to which you have helped me, and continue to help me overcome my addiction and personal struggles. If I ever get an urge to gamble, I watch your videos. And your honesty, personality, and transparency is enough to make me level headed again. I can’t thank you enough.

    Tomorrow I turn 21. And i plan to celebrate with a video of yours (new or old) and my family.

    Thank you Mom, and thank you Bandit. I just needed this off my chest.

    – Cyaslots

    The Bandit WANTED $5,354
    El Bandito

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum and 2019 and being debt free isn’t far away now so you have done really well. Glad the videos can help satisfy your craving and also that they still illustrate that it can be brutal playing online slots, appreciate you tuning in and congrats on sorting it all out.

    5im0nd1 WANTED $4

    Unhappy story of how you got to where you did but really good to see that you’ve turned it around and you are only 21 so don’t worry about it too much dude. Things will get a lot more complicated and it will be nothing to do with gambling! All that stupid stuff is in the past, wait until you buy a house, then you’ll wonder where all your money goes! I want to self exclude from my mortgage but they ain’t having it! Good luck son and well done ??

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