has anyone ended an exclusion?

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    Kelvin WANTED $29

    my gamstop exclusion period has ended so I am now in a position where i need to call them to remove the block but have left it 6 weeks now.

    I want the option to gamble as I enjoy it just don’t wanna do my balls in.

    how did everyone else end their exclusion?

    blacko1974 WANTED $247

    Gamstop have a live chat facility Kelvin, it’s similar to the casino live chat where they can answer basic questions but anything that needs processing is dealt with by another team, not sure if it’s an automatic process at the end of your exclusion period, I remember self excluding with certain casinos online where you would need to give them a call at the end of exclusion for a brief chat.

    Joemama WANTED $1

    My Gamstop ended couple of weeks ago and there was a few steps in the process to remove the exclusion;

    contact live chat who send a link to upload documentation

    upload a copy of your ID and a photo of you holding said ID

    they email you a 5 digit number which you have to call them and repeat it over the phone.


    they ask 3 questions ensuring you know what removing the exclusion means.

    They then place a 24hr hold on your exclusion incase uou change your mind and want to keep it in place.


    After 24hrs they will take upto 4 working days to compeletely remove your exclusion from their systems.


    at that point you can reuse your online casino/betting accounts. Although some casinos need you to contact them to reopen your account.


    bet365 actually closed my account as part of their ‘manangemenr review’ as they said I have previously taken a 30 day break and then a Gamstop exclusion so it’s for responsible gaming. Although when I questioned why their sites responsible gaming page, which promotes time outs and Gamstop, doesn’t mention that use of such services may result in account closure they were unsurprisingly able to answer. It’s fine though will just use skybet.


    limits put on accounts and that’s it, been a good 6 months break from it all.



    joshnadin WANTED $11

    Yes, I have recently come to the end of my Gamstop 6 month exclusion period and the steps that Joemama has stated are indeed correct.

    I personally signed up due to a temporary reduction in income and not wanting to be tempted to gamble when rather skint for a few months.

    Remember when you re-sign up to casinos to set yourself deposit/play limits before you start playing as to not end up in the same position again and so you can enjoy playing within your means. If all else fails and you feel yourself slipping back into old habits and spending a little too much you can always re-sign up to Gamstop too!


    Good luck back on the slots, Sir.

    Masquerade WANTED $9


    Both William Hill and Bet365 stated that the block will remove automatically. William Hill were more cautious and went through their suite of help tools (Deposit Limits, timeouts, etc). I was told by the guy on Bet365 chat that the comms with Gamstop can be same-day after the 24-hour cool-off so I’ll try again this evening and confirm this.

    No problems with Gamstop at all and I would thoroughly recommend it as a blanket exclusion system.

    Masquerade WANTED $9

    3 hours 20 mins after the cooling-off period, I can now deposit again at Bet365 but not at William Hill yet so its quick but it looks like a periodic update rather than the gambling sites interrogating Gamstop on the fly.

    I try Billy Hill again tomorrow.

    Masquerade WANTED $9


    Yep – All working. Just had a nostalgic 10p/spin on White Rabbit. 🙂 They seem to have built up their games library since I went away. Nice to be back – but carefully this time.

    bobibopo WANTED $9

    Good with the unlocked accounts, just be careful and set limits.

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